Friend's House For Bbq

My b/f and I were invited around to our friends house one summers day. They have a beauitul pool overlooking there property. When we arrived there was 3 other cpls there whom we knew with the girls sitting around the pool in bikini's and the guys drinking some beer chattin around the BBq. I striped down to my bikini and joined the girls. After a while we all removed our tops and swam & sunbathed topless . We could see the guys having a good look once they realised we didn't have tops on. I normally go topless on beach so am not shy about other men seeing me topless.

It was such a great day , us girls were topless all day even when having lunch.

wastie wastie
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Not to mention the great Tan we got that day..

How does your relationship work with people being naked around you both? Are you guys the jealous type, im asking cuz my bf and I are new at being nudist and we wanna go to resorts but im a jealous type how do you guys work around that?

After a small amount of time it turns from anxiety to relaxing and natural feeling. Jealously is normally a sign of insecurity so just have faith in your relationship with your bf and enjoy this beautiful experience together.

Sounds like fun was had by all. It is great when everyone can relax.

How about driving topless... !!!!!???

Yes have been for a drive along beach topless , very liberating experience.

I agree that being topless doesn't always have to bring a sexual component into the mix. I hate sweating in cloths, and in an area where sweating is part of life...I am nearly always topless outdoors when working, and both my female as well as male friends have become accustomed to it.