Topless Stroll

 My husband and I recieved a two story house and a large tract of land as a wedding gift from his parents.

 It has a 50 acre open field surrounded by 50 acres of woods.

 During the summer I often find my self removing my top and bra as I enter the field.

 I'll walk in the field for hours completely topless not caring if I'm seen by anyone.

 I walk in the wooded area topless.Sometimes I'll walk to the edge of the tree line,just out of site of the road near by and watch the cars go by.

 I often wonder if any of the drivers ever see me.

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4 Responses Mar 15, 2010


Sadly, probably not. Too much stress, too many things on peoples' minds, too much to do! Gotta get there! Don't have time to glance around and see the world around them. So, no: No one will have seen you. <br />
<br />

& where was this field again??

Awesome, if I had your land I'd be naked all of the time.