I love being touched myself, but not for sexual reasons. Whenever someone slowly moves their hands around my torso, i get a relaxed feeling and sometimes i get put to sleep. I personal believe that the reason why i like being touched is for how i was abused through school in the most brutal way. So whenever someone shows compassion in physical form, i get real calm and slowly drift away in comfort. Girlfriends, or just friends that are girls, that physical contact shows me of their caring and compassion whether friendly, intimate or sympathetic, it sooths me and makes me feel safe. This is why i like being touched, but i also like to touch. The feeling of the warmth of someone's skin is so soothing to my hands or face or wherever the contact is. Physical contact, in my opinion, is the most emotional and intimate form of comfort that cannot be replaced by anything else in this world.
lucarrio lucarrio
Jul 25, 2010