Why Are Gentlemen Last?

I am a Romantic and a Gentlemen, always thinking about the woman ahead of me. I'm sweet and i never force a girl into submission. Yet, i have been used repeatedly, and i'm getting no love out of this economy. There really are such a rarity of Gentlemen in this social anarchy, and those that are tend to never be thought of and i think that that is wrong. Poetry, Literature, and Romanticism is thrown aside for the Jock, who turns out to be an *******. Think about it, the guys that are 'hot' get all the attention, they usually don't care about your feelings, they feel that they can use you, and you girls are ok with that? Why? Why not go out with the shy guy from the gas station? Why not go out with the guy who refuses to dance at a club? We can be just as fun as the guys who do all the athletic stuff, your just looking at us wrong. I dare you hot girls to give us lonely guys a chance, one chance, and if you don't like the adventure then fine. Trust me, if we are lonely we might not be getting that many girls and would be wanting to hold onto you and that can have us treating you properly. Versus some guy who just wants your koche, yea? Trust me, even if your not making your life any better, you'll be making his. ♥
lucarrio lucarrio
1 Response Jul 26, 2010

Well all I have to say, is trust me and wait and see.....you quieter guys end up with the better relationships because you respect women and really love them. Flashy guys and such, women finally realize dont make for great relationship material....but hey woman are a bit slow sometimes....give it time you are young!