Tracing Me...

Take your fingers, oh so lightly, trace my face, around my eyes and over my brow, down my cheek and under my chin. Allow your fingers to touch, feel, map, take in all of me. Your eyes closed, my skin so soft, down the bridge of my nose and to my lips... oh how plump and pouty and my mouth opens but just a touch and allows your finger to enter, me... sucking, licking but for a second, just sharing enough moisture to drag across my mouth...


...yes I enjoy touch

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8 Responses Jul 28, 2007

awesome :)

ThankYou for Sharing, I have someone that I am going to share that with and I know that she will go wild. Your Friend Always, Shorty

Well lookie who's back!!

How much lower babe hehehe show me!<br />

I like the touching but you're hitting my forehead... aim lower darlin'...

Welcome back.................

dork<br />
<br />
this is a year old

aaww thanks