My Wife Treats Me Like Baby, She Calls Me (my Baby Boy) Did You Make Stinky In Your Diapers

Hi everyone, I'm a 55 yr old incontinent disabled man.I lost my manhood 4 1/2 years ago when I had a heart attack and it left me helpless.My wife babies me all the time by feeding me all kinds of baby food and table processed by a blender.I fead with with a large baby spoon that has a rubber coating on it because I have no teeth and large baby bib tied around my neck.My wife puts thick clothdiapers and thick rubber pants on me day and night.I have to be nursed with my babybottle because I can't hold it myself.I have to be bathed by my wife because I can't take a bath by myself.My wife does dress me in a one piece that snaps in the crotch, so its easy to Change me.I don't know when I wet or mess myself I have nerve damage from my heart attack.I can't feal my when I pick up something if I do I drop it.That why I'm fead and bottle nursed by my wife.While my wife is working mornings on weekdays I have a daycare lady from an agency that takes care of me from 7:00 to 4:00.I do have a hospitalbed that's been modified with tall safety side rails so in case I rollover I won't fall out of bed, and plus the bed raises so diaper changing is much easily.I don't have any stuffed animals or a pacifier at least not yet.My wife just mite buy me some.
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love to have a loving woman like your loving wife as i love to be babied

Does it turn you on or off?