My Thinking Is Weird

okay so I like being babied and all (not that anyone does it) but I have to be in the mind set and it depends on who's doing it. like if i'm acting like a baby and being babied than I enjoy it. for example if Im acting like a two year old and someone says "awww hey sweetie" in that baby talk voice I wont mind it but if I'm doing something non AB related then it would get on my nerves, although again it also depends on who's doing it.
letspretend letspretend
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Your a ****

really? hmmmm. That's weird. I was under the impression that I was an attractive, highly intelligent, charming, very skilled young man and not as you so eloquently put it "a ****" but I am ever so glad that you pointed it out it's really helped me, quite enlightening indeed. Now that that's out of the way could you take your tiny mind elsewhere because I can assure you will never be able to compete intellectually with me, so I would prefer you not to waste my time twice. thanks bye :)

ould you take your tiny mind elsewhere-NO i will not

Same with me xx

You totowwy fine:3

It's not that weird. The context is totally different. If someone talks to you like you're in a child and you're clearly just roleplaying then that doesn't show any disrespect. But on the other hand, if you're clearly not in role and your partner does that then that could be annoying because you're not "in the mood" for that. And if some stranger starts talking to you like you're a child when you're clearly an adult then that's just insulting.

I guess your right.