Sniff Them Now, She Said

When I was 15, a female friend of mine thought it would be funny to "Make" Me Sniff Her Feet after school... I changed her channel on the TV and next thing I knew, I had two, damp, slightly stinky feet pressing my face into the couch pillows! I was overwhelmed by this, and after it was over in about 30 seconds, I could NOT stop thinking about this Experience............ it has consumed me for Years (I am 31 now). I have been coming OnLine and searching for Local female friends who could try this against me as a fun role play..... Luckily I have met several over the years but it has become difficult.... those I have met, also wanted to put pressure on Me with feet and shoes, and of course found it very amusing to make me sniff their if any Long Island area females read this and are curious of putting me under their feet, please contact me. It can be alot of fun, a great stress relief as well, to have a Male under your feet..... give me a try!

Footboy333 Footboy333
31-35, M
Feb 7, 2010