I like to be my imperfect self. It takes a load off my shoulders! Trying to be perfect all the time is major work. I did try to be so, for most of my life. But at age 21, I gave up... best decision ever! :-D

Now, I can really focus on the things that I WANT TO change and not worry on trying to be the image that everyone else wants me to be. My true self is so FAR from perfect that it's comical... but, it's truly me! And I can embrace that and relax. :-)

"Just be yourself and you'll be fine!" :-D

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2 Responses Feb 22, 2009

It's so good to be yourself, it makes you unique, you don't need to see yourself in the mirror just to check up or fix yourself just because others will judge you or whatever, people would appreciate you if you stop being someone else instead of just relax, have fun and be yourself, anyways I'm so glad that you have changed to be you, and I want everyone to just be theirselves.

I couldn't agree more now you can enjoy life and forget about wondering if judgemental ppl that aren't even perfect themselves approve....matter of fact i like to do the opposite now and totally **** off perfect strangers with my imperfections.