Starting to Anyway

:: Somethings I like about who I am ::

  1. I have a great capacity for love
  2. I do my best to not pass judgment on others
  3. I love my family, & try to always put them first
  4. I have a beautiful smile & pretty eyes
  5. My soul is sweet & loving.
  6. I can be a huge kid.
  7. I love to play.
  8. I am a good friend & try to be there for anyone who needs one.
  9. I am a survivor.
  10. I have an infectious laugh.
  11. I love to make my loved ones giggle.
  12. I enjoy my grandparents.
  13. I love & respect all animals.
  14. I adore nature.
  15. I'm learning to be the best me I can be, every day.

That's just a bit of the things that I believe make me a fantastic lady. =]

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2 Responses Mar 15, 2009

sounds like you have a lot going for you.its good to remember what we have.

after reading this, you sound like one really beautifull woman!!!