I Can Only Be Who I Am and Nothing More Or Less.

The thing about me is that i´m really, really weird. I like to do things my own way and i don´t listen to people when they have something to say about me.

Some people, don´t like me the way i am. These peole who i belive to be my friends have tryed to change me so many times, and one ofmy best friend even tried to make me more like she is. The truth is that i´m never gonna change myself for anyone, only for myself. I was born this way for a reason and this is the person that i grew up to be. I like me, and if they don´t like me the way i am, than it´s their problem.


I just think that no one should change themselves for anyone, not if they´re not doing anything wrong. Some people just are differend, they can´t help it. But some people are just used to people, who are like themseleves. Every person has a right to be unique.

heimisteed heimisteed
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3 Responses Mar 16, 2009

thanks guys for your comments. <br />
like i said i think no one should change themselves if THEY´RE NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG. <br />
that means that if they are who they are in a good way they shouldnt have to change :)<br />
but if the person is doing something wrong then they should consider changing to be better person. :)<br />
thanks for the comments :D

It's hard to not be a conformist, yet fit in...even harder not to take the criticism for being yourself. Especially when you're hyper-sensitive! Good experience to share. Thank you!