So Do I...........................

After an experience with a male school friend some 30 years ago I have been drawn to the feel of a man and the rawness of his Body. After this pre pubescent experience (we where both 10 years old) in the local woods which was not sexual but more of an exploration of other male bodies. I have been drawn to the male sex ever since.
With a move to London in my late twenties, which unleased a torrent of fluid sexuality, no one week was the same. I had same sex relationships, hetro relationships but mainly stayed single and had what i wanted. The thing that attracts me to a male is the rawness of the sex and the feel of his penis in my mouth wear as with a women the soft sensuality is what draws me in. I have had MFF sex sessions, had sex with two of my bosses (1 of both sexes) slept with employees (of both sexes) picked up both sexes in bars. had sex with a male in the afternoon then a female on the same night and loved it all.
i fell in love with someone some 10 years ago, a female who i can never mention this too and sadly this part of not having contact with both sexes has left me to seeking work away so that i can become once again truly Bi.
lets see what the future holds.
myu1972 myu1972
36-40, M
Dec 6, 2012