And I 'm Not Sure Why, But Here's A Shot

I'm bi, but for some reason, straight up gay guys are never as sexy to me as a guy who's into girls as well. I feel like it makes things more complete. Girls are made so that they can receive and fully enjoy multiple men at a time, but guys aren't physiologically designed to be sandwiched by two women(unless there's a strpon involved. So, two bi guys, and one girl seem like the most anatomically effetive way to do a *********. Plus, the guys can just take turns on the girl if everyone isn't at the energy level required fo dp or a chain ****, and the guys can just suck eachother off to finish things quickly if the girl gets too tired or sore to carry on.

V8fusion V8fusion
26-30, M
3 Responses Mar 5, 2010

Well said. It’s worked out well for the women I’ve been with who were willing to try it.

Why thank you sir. Takes someone with great taste to truly appreciate great taste. ;)

Bananas and Orgies. Well played sir, well played.