My Boyfriend Ties Me Up :)

Just saying, no sexual content in this story.
Okay, so my boyfriend has kind of a fetish for tying me up and I have got more and more comfortable with it since he first told me he wanted to tie me up. He ties me up like 4 or 5 times a week which isn't a problem because his mom works long shifts and has to take lots of business trips so we have a lots of alone time together.
It started when he asked if I had ever been tied up and he took me upstairs and tied me at my wrists and ankles and it has built up since then. Since we are both reasonably young we don't have sex or anything like that. Everything he did was with my permission but as time has gone on he just does whatever he wants whether I say he can or not.. but I like when he has control over me ;)

A recent experience was when I was at his place and he took me upstairs and sat me down on the bed. He put me in a hogtie and put ducttape over my mouth. After about 20 minutes he retied me to a chair with these belt things that have locks on them and he put a real ball gag on me that he hadn't used before. I was absolutely stuck there and there was no way for me to get out.After about 10 minutes he got a phone call. He put the phone down and looked at me with slight panic on his face. He said his grandparents were on their way and they were taking him out for dinner (he is really close to his grandparents). He started trying to unlock the belts around my legs and after about 5 minutes we heard keys in the door. He said "oh god I'll be right back Holl" As I my feet were still individually tied to the legs of that chair and my arms were tied really tight behind my back I just had to stay there until Liam came back up to untie me. After something like a minute Andrew popped his head through the door and said "Sorry sunshine but I have to go and I'll be back later, have fun!!" he said it with a bad boy grin on his face. I tried to scream and say no but since I had a ball gag on I just sort of made an mmhh noise. I was like that for 3 and a half hours and when he came back up he apologised but was still laughing which made me pissed. I was cussing at him through my gag which just made him laugh more. After he untied me I grabbed one of his neckties and tried to tie him up which just resulted in him tying my wrists behind me back. He then led me downstairs and into his basement (which is kinda like a hangout of his) and tied my hands over my head to a pipe. Since I wasn't gagged we just talked for a while until he walked me home :)

Sorry if I rambled on a bit, hope you enjoyed it and I will post future encounters :)
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Hi HollieMay,
I am not shure if you received my lines I just sent directly to your account. Anyway thank you for this wonderful story. This brings back so many repressed memories and feelings I once shared with a very very special girl. Enjoy your passion with all phantasies and power in it!

Are you undressed when he tied you? What is your favorite position? (1) Standing, wrists tied behind your back. (2) Sitting, wrists tied behind your back, ankles spread and tied. (3) Standing, wrists tied above your head stretching your belly to a concave shape. (4) Spread eagle. Do you like to be gagged with your panties or a cloth tied around your mouth?

OMG ur bf is the best

What if someone would have broke in. Your areoles could have been sucked on, thumped and punched. You could have been violently punched in your belly and aggressively tongued and fingered between your legs. Tied to the chair, your belly and breasts were totally exposed for being punched. Your vagina could easily have been fingered. Don't let him leave you alone. When you were alone and hogtied, someone could have punched you in your belly, knocking away your ability to scream. Your legs untied and spread, it would be so easy to rape you. After they retied your ankles they could have made you suck someone's penis. Punches to your belly and breasts would force you to comply.

tying up girlfriend and tickling is so kool

Wow i wish i could have a relationship like you, lool and your only young like me xox
you've got beautiful eyes too xox
Lucky thing ;)

My best mates cousin was no oil painting but she loved being tied up in all positions. I used her bra for a gag at tmes. No sex- well yes we did- but it was always with her consent- afterall she would not have let me tie her ifshe di not consent to sex. Althouigh one has to say that not having sex like you two is admirable. I used to gag her with pantes then her bra, a scarf over her mouth then tape wound over this many times- Over her head I put a nylon stocking and the more tape over this . I alwas used a crotch rope(at least a double strand often more- she said they were r "rope panties". Of coure her arms were tied together and pulled tight. She seemed to love it the tighter it was- in fact she said "Its not worth tieing someone up if they can escape."!!
Shame the relationship stopped- I think it was because we were more like bro and sis and one does not s...w your sister- well I dont ayway.

Post a picture of you tied up

Uhhmm, I will some time :')