the Most Beautiful *** In the World

Perhaps this story should go in I Love Black Women but the tale here is about her butt so I'll put it here.Most black gals seem to have marvelously rounded large butts.It's a wondeful attraction.Please ladies do not think I am being critical I love those butts.I met a black lady in Florida.She was about 5'6", lovely legs and the most beautiful round *** I've ever seen.When she walked it rolled so seductively that I would get a hardon just watching her strut.She worked at a little beach stand selling sunglasses.Whenever I had time off I would go and sit by the stand just to watch her.One day she said to me you are always sitting here by my stand.Why?Just to watch your butt baby.It's the most beautiful I've ever seen.Hey white boy you like black bootie?Love it little darlin'.She motioned me to come over. We went behind a partition  in her shack.She pulled her shorts off.I almost suffocated.Her butt was so round and smooth there was enough for 2 or 3people to share.She rubbed that *** up and down my leg and shook it at me.That's all you gonna get white boy.I was in heaven.See you tomorrow baby I said,she gave me a wave and I walked off.For two months we played this game whenever I would see her and then one day she was gone.I don't know where you are sweetie but   I sure hope to see you again.  
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1 Response Sep 15, 2006

Aahhh! What a tease. All that and she didn't give you none? Damn!