a Cushy Experience

I adore a big round *** on a woman.I like women a little on the heavy side but especially their butts.I met a lady one night at a bar and as we talked she said she was always embarrassed by the size of her butt.Darlin' I said you've got just the right size.Well things were sure to go my way now and in an hour we were at her place.You really like my butt she asked me again.Darlin' you get those clothes off and I'll show you.Her *** was an axe handle wide,and nice and round.Smooth,pliable skin and my **** stiffened playing with it.I put her on her knees and pulled her cheeks apart,a beautiful pink ******* stared back at me.What you doing back there she said.Just you relax baby.I stuck my tongue in there and heard her gasp.Rubbing her ***** and eating her ***,she started to squirm.OOOOhh baby that feels good she said.I found her **** and rolled it between my fingers my tongue penetrating her *******.AAAAAhhh she came.She rolled over and sucked my bone.I pushed her back and mounted her.That ripe *** of hers was a fine **** cushion.I pumped her good pulling out to shoot my load. I shot it on her ***** and watched it run down to her ***.I rubbed it with my finger and worked my finger into her ******* using my *** as lube.She rode my finger and rubbed her **** till she came again.I spent the night curled against her prime butt.   
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I would of done the same except that if would of ****** her *** and cummmmmmmm deeeeep inside her asss.

Women are supposed to have big, fat butts.