a Day At the Beach

I was in Florida and having a day off went to the beach.I walked up and down for a while and settled on a nice spot to watch the ***** parade.I saw all shapes and sizes go by,some hot and some so old you wondered if there should be a law against them being in public.I noticed one gal coming toward me,hmmm nice **** I thought,Wow look how she blossoms below the waist.She went by and she was shaking that thing with her strut.Oh my God I had to follow her.She rolled hips as she walked and that thing tossed up and down and side to side.There was enough *** there for 3 people to feast on and my eyes and mouth were watering just from watching her.I thought I would gladly cut my **** off and mail it to her if she would rub on that butt.Finally she got to where she was going and headed up the steps to her motel.I stood and watched till she disappeared.I must have looked funny walking back as my ***** was at attention.Never saw the woman again as it was 3 weeks before I had another chance to go back,but oh my it was purely a beautiful sight.
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1 Response Sep 22, 2006

Sounds like my kind of ***. The kind I want to kiss every inch of...