Big Bouncy Boobs

I enjoy riding my bike and see lots of people out walking or jogging or biking. This past weekend I was bombing along on a bike trail and I could see this woman coming towards me walking and all of a sudden she started jogging. Her big boobs were bouncing up and down wildly and I nearly ran off the trail watching them. It was amazing to watch those very big boobs bouncing and she wasn't really all that big either. Wow. I keep running that through my mind.
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Enjoyable, it is a great sight.

the sweet lady that i've met her on EP has got the sexiest pair of ****! her nipples stay hard! play with them and they just get harder! she's 50 years old...and her **** are so much better than woman that are a third of her age! their simply beautiful! i love my little hippy chick's ****!

Ivo, you make me blush!
Ladies, support your breasts when you are young. I am 50 and have natural 36D's that still sit up full & pretty on my chest. (just ask

she has beautiful ****! i can't get enough of them!