Something Left For the Imagination?

Not to say that I don't have a good imagination... its that at times my imagination is too good haha.
Xeno Xeno
26-30, M
13 Responses Jul 17, 2007

Prove it! haha

What makes you think your inner ones arn't as sensitive as my outer ones :P

now imagine waxing it!!!!!.... hell no

just imagine if you had to wax the inner most delecate

For the love of all that is holy... imagine the most delicate part of your body and imagine waxing that :P

hell no! i'd much rather take a blade to it :P

Oh, come on. *Real* men go the full body wax ;) Who likes furry tennis balls anyway?

Well thats already taken care of :)

but what about my manliness???

Hahaha :P why not wear fake skin instead? or wear clothes underneath the bikini? XP... Oh a pink bikini would be nice! =)

yeah i have no desire to shave my chest and arms :)

no I don't wear bikinis :P that would mean I would have to shave my legs and thats just not gonna happen :)

Sometimes on others but it didn't specify in the group title :)