itsy bitsy tincy wincy bikini

My fascination of the bikini started when I saw Ursula emerge from the sea in the film Dr. No which was some years ago.

 Many ladies would agree that seldom any other garment in the wardrobe works to excite and frighten us so fantastically. Under the unflattering florescent lights of surf shops and adulations of sales assistants many women are deterred from wearing such an iconic symbol of popular culture.

Serendipitously I discovered the convenience of online purchases. I am avid of American designer swimwear e.g. Sauvage, Vitamin A, Vix and Beach Bunny. At first I was full of trepidation with impending thoughts of it will arrive on time? the fluctuating foreign exchange rate, security risks, and will it look SENSATIONAL? Thankfully all worry thoughts are culled upon donning the miniscule 2-piece garment.

 I adore my collection of bikinis; Ranging from solid color string bikinis, to the very salacious Brazilian tanga. My favorite has to be my black bikini as displayed on the logo by Beach Bunny, impractical it maybe for stringent water activities but it makes a great fashion statement. (This suits me fine)

Weeks of preparation in the gym and beauty salons are paramount to achieving a buff and hairfree body come hither summer. I know every woman worries about how they look in a bikini, but ladies you need not worry as you are bound to set the engine on fire as you you emerge from the water glistening.

So gentleman do express your appreciation by accolading us, because now you know how hard we work.

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5 Responses Jul 20, 2007

I am always appreciative of a woman in a bikini. Go for it, girl. You got 'cause you worked for it. Flaunt it!! We are watching with admiring eyes.

Far too many women worry needlessly about what they look like in swimwear. Within reason the less the better as if they are bulges you want to hide (which I sure you have not) the more they are covered up the more they are accentuated.

accolades are one thing, cat calling entirely different. men need to learn the difference if they don't already know. then again, as i always say, i suppose it has much to do with perception. nonetheless, bikinis are my favorite summertime apparel. once i stopped growing i began keeping my bikinis, purchasing a new one each season. i have quite the collection now. my collection is nearly 17 years old now. i suspect within the next 3-5 years suits will start coming back into fashion.

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