It's Nice That He Likes Giving Away His Money

It's nice that he likes giving away his money so much through his charitable foundation that bears his name and gives him recognition. But I think I'd like it better if he didn't charge $150 for a simple word processor. That way I might be able to save some of my own money and make my own donations so I can feel good about myself.
lmori lmori 36-40 2 Responses Dec 26, 2010

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i'm afraid you are misinformed on the trueness of bill gates' real intentions.

the rich like that are all genocidists. they charge so much for microsoft software because they can, and because they value your money not your well being. They see you as their financial slaves, to be pushed about at will. MOre recently gates has bought million in monsanto stock. monsanto is a corporation involved in genetic pollution of our planet. People are growing wise to this thus the business is failing. so the microsoft company that people actually still want is now financing the continual destruction of our planet as we know it. Ever wonder why the bees are disappearing? they're intentionally being killed of through pesticides, aerial spraying, ect ect. That way genetically modified foods of death will be the only foods that can grow without pollenation.

He recently gave a speech where he indirectly declared that he supports the use of "modern medicine' which is another mass murdering poison scheme, in order to achieve world population reduction. His foundation buys vaccines for africans, vaccines with poisonous mercury and adjuvants, ect ect. Vaccines are yet another scheme to kill us off, kill our immune systems, give us autism, make us dead any way they can.

the world has secrets you must be wise to see. please listen to my words and enlighten yourself of the way the devil has built and controls this world.

why do you think viruses exist? nobody's really interested in destroying your computer, without benefiting them. Viruses are made by virus prevention program producers. THe idea is simple, create a demand and thus reap the profits of providing for that demand. THese are evil people, and they laugh that they have fooled you into praising them.

I've been using Abiword, which is free and Open Source, since version .7. Had to download it over a dial-up connection. At the time it was buggy but free. These days it's a mature word processor, able to save files in numerous formats (including .doc) and it's still free and Open Source. In these days of faster connections you can also download Open Office or Libre Office, which are also Open Source and free. I still mainly use Abiword for word processing but I've also got Open Office installed because it's mostly compatible with assorted types of MS Office files.

Back "in the day" I was using Windows 98 and paid right at a hundred bucks for the CD I used to install it.

These days I'm using Debian Stable as my Operating System. To install it I downloaded the ISO file and burned my own installation CD (cost me less than a quarter because I buy blank CDs in stacks of 100 at walmart). Debian is also Open Source and free.

I've used this computer online for several years now without a firewall, anti-virus software or anti-malware software and have never had a problem.

Bill Gates is welcome to his millions for as long as he can still make them but his days are numbered. The Open Source code is written on the wall y'all.