Synonymous With Joy

I love birds with their unique and colorful feathers. They always lift my spirit whenever I watch them soar high up in the sky. To me they are synonymous with joy. Each color reminding me of a different quality of emotion. Whenever I spy a blue bird , a rare sighting indeed, what comes to mind are positive unexpected and spontaneous suprises. Ah . . . the blue bird of happiness . . . something wonderful is about to happen ! The yellow finch sparks a burst of energy into my day. Nothing like a flash of brilliant yellow to add a little zip to my step. The red of all reds, the cardinal, a handsome bird that brings out thoughts of love and all sensual desire that is such an important part of life. And finally I will end my bird watch with the magnificent crow with his irredescent black feathers and all black body. He is the night to the day. The magic and mystery that surrounds us all the time wether we are aware of it or not. He represents everything unseen to me and makes me smile wanting to know more. Birds are an amazing species . . . to watch . . . and to listen . . . they are a joy.
maltesemermaid maltesemermaid
41-45, F
May 18, 2012