First Time With A Thug - Rough, Mean, Very Very Hot

I'm a total **** for a big black **** - and I mean REALLY big. I love how it feels between my lips and I love how it feels in my *** even more.

I met a guy a few nights ago. We were sitting next to each other at the local bar and we were instantly attracted. He was tall, dark and cute. (And I'm really cute too.) We said hi and exchanged names and then he got right to the point.

"I like to **** a white daddy big black **** **** with my 10 inch black monster ****. And I want to **** you because you're hot. You want my 10 inch **** now?"

I didn't expect that as an opening line but I didn't care. "My place is down the block. Let's go now." He smiled and then said "I knew you're a black **** loving white ****** ***** the moment I saw you - every black guy does."

I smiled back. "You're right about that dude. I want to be your white ***** boy bottom ***** tonight."

We got to my place and got naked and I dropped to my knees and put his still soft **** between my lips. Feeling a black **** as it gets big and hard in my mouth is as erotic as any other sexual act I've experienced (but there are lots more too...)

When it was totally big and hard I took my hands off it and I looked up at him with my beautiful brown eyes wide open and with his black monster **** in my mouth and my hands behind my back. I've always connected with every black guy I'd been with before him, needing no words to tell him how much I love his big black **** and how much I want him to take me and do whatever he wants to and with me. Their response always was a sensual smile and sometimes a sigh or a hand caressing my head gently. And this is the response I expected from him too.

But he wasn't into any of that soft and tender stuff. He liked it rough. When I looked up he grabbed the back of my head and pulled it toward him which made me gag on his big ****. "Choke on that big black **** you white ******." He pushed and pulled my head back and forth again and again, and I gagged again and again. "You're a white ***** boy *****. My *****. Choke on my big black **** you white *********** ******."

I didn't like this at first. And this dude also scared me a little. There was racial hatred in his voice and I hate that. I love big black **** from physical sexual attraction only and there's no racial hangup at all involved. But this guy definitely had racial hangups.

I took his **** out of my mouth and tried to tell him that I wasn't really into rough stuff and if he let me suck his **** the way I liked to do it then he would definitely be happy.

"Shut up white ******" was his reply to that. "Lick my balls you white *****." I did what he told me. "I'm gonna **** your white man ***** with my big 10 inch black **** and I know you're gonna love it. I wanna hear you beg me to **** you." So I begged him to **** me. And I did it again and again. And I began to get really hot and turned on by being abused by this hot black thug and his 10 inch ****.

I smiled at him. A dirty lusty smile that told him I loved being his white *****. And then I deep throated almost all 10 inches of that **** and it made me gag and I smiled at him and I deep throated that black monster **** again and again.

I sucked his **** for around 10 minutes. First on my knees and then on the bed laying down on my stomach which I really enjoyed. And I waited for him to tell me he was ready to **** me.

Which he did but not exactly in those words. "Turn around and get on your hands and knees with your *** in the air and your head all the way down. And stay like that until I tell you otherwise. And I did as he said once again and it made me feel like such a slutty ***** - more than I ever felt ever before.

He grabbed the lube and put some on his fingers and then I felt him stick two of them in my *** - all the way in. He just kept them there for about a minute and he told me not to move at all. I said I loved feeling him open me up for his big **** and he just told me to shut the **** up.

Then I felt his two hands grab both my *** cheeks and I knew what was coming next. I moaned - with a high girly voice which I knew he'd like - as I felt that black monster enter me, and I pushed back on it with my *** and wiggled it like a slutty girl would, until he got it all the way in.

And I do mean all the way in.

He grabbed my hair and began to **** me - hard and hateful right from the start. And I was kind of surprised that it didn't hurt me one bit. I ****** him back with my *** just as hard as he was ******* me with his ****. "You like that, don't you, *****." "Oh yeah I love it" was my reply. **** me with that big black ****. **** me. **** me. **** me." I kept on saying "**** me" as he ****** me from behind - harder and faster than anyone ever ****** me before.

I turned my head back to look at him and he had this evil lustful look on his face. We made eye contact for a second or two which told us both that we both were hot as hell and loving this hot nasty ****.

Then he pulled out and ripped off his condom and told me to suck his **** again. And I did with pleasure. I heard him call me a ****** white ***** boy and we both got into his verbal abuse of me. I said yes I'm your personal white ****** ***** and I belong to you tonight, and he really liked that.

And then he ****** me from behind again. My **** was hard as a rock and I jerked myself off as his **** was slamming in and out my ***. I came first and he came a minute later.

When the **** was over his verbal abuse was over as well and he turned back into the nice guy I met at the bar. He said he had to go and as he got dressed he told me I was totally hot and that the **** we had was really great and he wished every white ***** boy knew how to get ****** by his 10 inch black monster **** as good as me. I said thanks and that this was the first rough hard **** I ever had and I really enjoyed it which I didn't expect at first. And that this proves I must me a true big black loving *********** white ***** boy ****** after all. Which made us both chuckle.

How about you white bottoms out there? Tender or rough? Or do you like them both the same? I still prefer the soft **** and lots of kissing and sweet talk but I wouldn't mind another **** like this one. And next time I want two hot black thugs with 10 inch dicks to abuse me and **** my brains out!!

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Sooo hot!!! I want to get lucky like you!!