Heck Ya

My parents were raised in the country and this was a meal for us growing up.   Add a little vinegar to the greens and a glass of milk to break the cornbread into and I am good.  Sometimes I will eat just cornbread in milk for dinner.

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Although I don't really see anything wrong with people being rednecks if they wish to be I am not one. I am also not a hillbilly or a cracker, nor were any of my elders members of "the wool hat boys" which is where the name redneck originates.<br />
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I do however love Southern food and cooking and I especially love the most simple side of it minus the fatty gravies and heavy creams. There is nothing more simple than a pot of mustard greens and black eyed peas on the side.

got'a be a red neck

MMM, that sounds awesome VO.


Brisket, Black Eyed Peas, Mashed Taters (when I was little, they were Smashed taters),Creamed Corn, and Ice Cream (your favorite) for desert is my January 1st meal. I like it any other time also.

MMM sounds good for birthday feast.

MMM visual. We will have to share a meal some time.<br />
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Me, but not just for New years.<br />
Satz, I love squash burnt,

January !st black eyed peas are a tradition that cannot be abused. lol

Okay. I will show you around.

No pork chops for me but I will fix you some.<br />
LOL Me come on over.<br />
<br />
MMM me too tummie

I looooooove black eyed peas and mustard greens!

All I can say is where is my plate???

It is really good. Almost all veggies are good.

I dunno about asparagus never had it raw but i know i don't like it cooked, and i never had squash.. never had the courage to ever try it, but i assume i do not like it.

I like raw asparagus too. I wash it and eat it. I like squash cooked.

I dont like most any vegetable cooked. Changes the taste and makes them soft...

I don't like them mushy either.

I like those too, but only if the greens is raw.