White Dudes Are Taking Over The World

Nooooooooooo I knew there was something there more and more white dudes are starting to attract more black girls. Through out most of my life I always felt that black girls were not for me but, that was only due to growing up in a traditional French/ Mexican family. At the time when I was not as interested I was attracting more black chicks and now that I'm interested most of them are leaning towards White men and not just black girls Hispanic girls as well. Whats going on has the white man put a hex on all the women that I'm interested in, or is the media programming them at a very young age, or is it that we live in a country were 75% of the population is Caucasian. I don't know but, I love women from different ethnic backgrounds this whole affection for the black women is still new to me maybe about 2 years to be specific. Oh and one more thing the darker the berry the sweeter the juice hahaha corny.
highplaindrifter highplaindrifter
2 Responses Sep 12, 2010

true dat

IMO black girls make the best lovers. However I've yet to meet a hispanic girl who wasn't obnoxiously self-absorbed.