I Want A Black Girl Friend

i have alsways found black women hotter and sexier then all the other ethnicities and im looking for a black girl friend im a white male im tall kind and sweet id like a bi girl friend im  sweet guy looking to share my life with the right women and wanting an ebony women to join me ive always found  zoe saldana and halle berry are the hottest actresses ive seen  looking for  a women like them specialy sense they both like white guys
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Make that 2!

I need a black girl

I need a black girl

Hi am looking for a lady that will be my dream girl dis my no 07062259511 if u are interested

I think I"am to old to be your dream girl

well I wish you luck in finding your dream girl

and I want a white guy, I enjoy dating outside my race.

Have you ever had a relationship with a non-black dude?

oh yes, I always date outside my race and I love it

am ebony lady and also need a white man so hope we are together

Hi am a good black lady early 20's would love 2 av a white bf who's careing 4 sometin serious.08141126692 call me

hai cn v hav achat

Where do you live? Your phone number looks like a European # or a UK number? Am I correct? Or maybe you are in Africa someplace? A North American # has a certain look and format to it. = (XXX) XXX - XXXX. So yours is different. Let's chat?

Well, I may be too old, but let's see where we cant take this, ok?


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U like mixed* girls not black girls

Why is it so hard to find a good black women on here so many say they like white men and are interested but most don't message me

what is the stake here

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I actually never knew there were alot of guys that were interested in black girls. I get the feeling that most men aren't truly interested in the darker princesses, they like the lighter more caramel complexion. Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm a 17 year old British black girl, who is both cursed and blessed with long wavy brown because my grandmother was white, i don't know if being of Scottish descent has anything to do with that also. I love my hair but hate it because i constantly have to endure people questioning me about whether it was "real" or not. So i guess even though i look all black, i am mixed too. But i'd rather just say i'm black than explain my complicated background.

thanks for the comment id love to talk to you but cant ure account cause of age restrictions message me back with a better way

EXOTICPRINCESSA, 18-21, F this is a reply to you.......from a very white me....hahaha
I want to comment but may not be able to due to age restriction. My present gf is black, young, mixed blood, British/Jamaican has the same issues as you and we joke about it all the time. We've had so many discussions about it that now she has a pat answer for all the innocent questions, and then she just gets on with the friendship / acquaintanceship / or whatever it's going to be. It's natural to have 1,000,000, question about mixed racial appearances. Normal!

Really? that's wonderful! I applaud your gf. Sadly i have yet to reach the point where certain questions don't annoy me. I guess it's more to do with how the question is asked as well. Some people tend to ask, but already think they know the answer and it's the tone they use as if daring you to tell them they're completely wrong. for instance some questions i can never get over are "Oh You're from Bermuda, what's the triangle like?" or "so do you guys live in huts?" these disparaging (and sometimes unbelievably ignorant) comments, serve to muck up my mood.

Well, I'm sorry stupid questions muck up your mood, and I can understand why. But one of the realities of life is that there are lotsss and lotsss of stupid and jerky people in this world, and they are all over the place. I've lived in over 10 different countries, speak a few languages and in nearly each one has there been at leas one stupid question from some person. I can't say that the person was himself stupid, but the question was. So I gradually learned to just let it roll off my back like water on a duck's feathered back. Maybe you'll have to just buck the tide and adapt and get over it. Let's face it, very few people in the world have ever even heard of Bermuda. So don't blame them. But as far as B/W issues & questions go, just treat them with courtesy, truth, objectivity, non-hostility, and as brief an answer as possible because most "stupid" questions, and the people who ask them, really don't mean any harm. They've just been programmed by society to see things "traditionally". Believe me, it's the same when I go to the Islands. Those people who've never left the Islands often erroneously think that 'everyone' in the USA is AUTOMATICALLY RICH, HAS LOTS AND LOTS OF FREE TIME ON THEIR HANDS TO GOOF OFF AND PARTY ALL THE TIME, AND CAN SEND MONEY BACK HOME EFFORTLESSLY. Ah...guess what!

Yeah I understand where you're coming from. I'm slowly getting use to it now, I'm not able to laugh it off as of yet. I'll get there eventually though. Maybe not this year, but eventually. Thanks for the advice :)

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I'm a black girl and I'm in the same boat you're in just reversed. I love white guys and find them extremely attractive, but I hardly ever see black girls with white guys. I think its because a lot of black girls think white guys aren't interested, and a lot of white guys think black girls aren't interested, when the truth is a lot of us don't care about race we just want a good guy.

Everything you said is so right but I am a white guy that just want a good women and if she is black then it is perfect.

You are beautiful, Ma'am.

our americans are racist as anybody i am brazilian brazil is a racist but not as much as i am afraid of americans i prefer european an braziliam.......


Am I part of this catagory, darling?

Hello, again, Ma'am.

@malesexybitch.....Thank you. I found UWannaSeeIt here but she's in LA and I'm in NY. We'd love to make it but it's gonna take time. She's black and I"m white. I think that a black woman who's got a white man who she can 'control', will really love him, as long as her control of him is not really HER CONTROL OVER HIM as much as it is a FELLING of her control over him to satisfy her 'fantasy' of the Black Over White reverse situation, that we all grew up with in the USA. <br />
The only exception to this combination is that white women, well brought up ones, that is, are also a great choice for a white mate because they know how to go the distance ( a lifetime) with a white man in all ways. An inter-racial family will often be going the distance for the first time, you might say, but that's ok. It can be done. My choice is a black woman with solid MIDDLE CLASS values. Then every thing is cool. They sometimes call them "oreo" women. That's ok. Some of my black friends often call me a mixed man -- white man with blends of good Black Values and appreciations.

Black women are gorgeous and they are the best all around all white men should have black mates, and have them in control of them.

idk about the controling part all

lol haha

Yes, as slaves at and under those gorgeous feet.

@ Js1985...You are SOOoooo correct, "why should that matter? 100% or not"....AND @ BluTravir, you are also correct,..As you say, ...."First it is about the beauty found inside, well above and beyond physical attributes, just to let you know."...

neither one of the ladies u mention are 100% black. one is hispnic and the other half white

and why should that matter? 100% or not

it do not matter, im jus saying they r not 100 %

You may find this odd but I have fallen in love with a teenage black girl...I've known her since she was a kid and her personality is just so wonderful that I always loved her. She moved away and recently her family moved back and she's now more grown up. I see her every day and cry when I think of how beautiful she is. I'd love to have her as a girlfriend, even in the most innocent way. It would be so cool.

Hi how's going

European 13 year old black girl here!!!<br />
but i may seem a bit young though :(

Yes, a bit young, LOL.


black girls are wonderful things<br />
I would also like to have another<br />
but they must be young

thats good for you good luck maybe u will find what you are looking for some day but not with me

i love black women and want to be their slaves.

Me, too !

i love aii