I Can't Beleive It!

I have just read a bunch stories from both sides, white men & black women. I had know idea that there were so many white men out there who are so interesting in dating black girls. I have always felt so alone, but it makes me feel better that there is hope for me.
I think that the reason why white and black women don't approach one another is because they feel how I feel everyday, that they aren't interested because I'm a black girl or because I'm  a white guy. But I think this experience can give me and everyone else out there some courage.
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My opinion, black women are just physically the most beautiful. It isn't terribly surprising. :-)

Black women are no different than others. They are beautiful. Have a marvelous quality. For years now I have been in love with them. At 57 I see their wonderful attributes. This starting at age 12. So regardless of the complexion all are beautiful. Please let all black women see their beauty. This coming from an older white guy that find their black women so beautiful.

people place too much emphasis on color of skin..it has never been about that..it is about two hearts touching and melding as one.

There're plenty of sane respectful white men interested in have a relationship with a black women. Have been interested in and therefore have had relationships with black women and/or couples most of my life.

blk girls are hella sexy!

At 52 the sexyest woman I ever met was 30 years ago and she was black. Am white as were all my friends but we all knew she was the hottest thing ever. Still single, but ever since still holding out for a sexy black woman.

Hey, I think racially instilled barriers have a lot to do with this. We need to just drop this and see the person!

I hope that it does give you the confidence to know that all men see you as a Beautiful Woman.

You know..I'm neither White or Black. But I once had a beautiful friendship that could have been more with a Black girl. What brought us together? We were ourselves when we were together. I know exactly what you're talking about though. Her male friends absolutely hated me. I think that pressured her to be a little more distant than she wanted to be.

A white man always looks better in a black suit. A black man always looks good in a white suit. The same applies to dating. Honestly I think more white men LOVE black girls but are too afraid to admit it. Hell, I was always a bit scared of admitting I love black girls. But then again I went to a baaaaad school and the black men there had a bad habit of jumping white men who go after black girls (yet those same black men will have their arms wrapped around white women -_- hypocrites). Then there's me, cursed with my mom's measly 5'7 height would not stand a chance against a group of black men jumping me on a school bus. <br />
There was a girl whom I had the biggest crush on, her name was Asia. Nice dark skin, the biggest beautiful lips, and of course what everyone loved about her and I quote what my best mixed (best race IMO) friend called "Ghetto girl body". We sat next to each other in class for the year, we got along well we made each other laugh and we really connected. I wanted to ask her out but thanks to my luck some guy was like able to read my mind and confronted me, pulled a knife out on me and told me he'd slice me to pieces if I tried anything with her. Knowing that me and Asia needed to be together I spent months building muscle hoping that I'd be able to fight for this woman whom I LOVED. Sadly in the end she walked into school after being gone for a few weeks and I noticed that....well her stomach was a bit rounder than usual. She was pregnant with that son of a *****'s baby. It kind of turned me off of dating in highschool cause I mean if every woman would gladly ditch a nice guy who connects with them (You know....the thing the girls are ALWAYS saying they wish there were more of in the world) for a thug like the guy I mentioned above, why even date? <br />
But now I decided that I can't have a happy relationship unless I'm waking up to an African goddess next to me so I'm not giving up until then.<br />
So hopefully one day you'll find your white guy and I'll find my black woman, so until then Cheers!

Im sure the girl of a dreams is out there waiting for you hun! very touching story thanks for sharing!

Oh I definatly find black women attractive but yeah I know what you mean about thinking we don't attract each other! ;)

;] glad to know I'm not alone

Can u add me so we could get to know each other?

Hey frog, how come it won't let me contact u at all?

Can u add me so we could get to know each other?

Hey frog, how come it won't let me contact u at all?

Neva ceases to amaze me how humans treat each other, we are all humans, we are one & wen we die we end up in the same place regardless of class & color

wow exactly how i feel, that's why i don't approach many, and when i talk to some black girls that i kinda talk with like friends they get so shocked cause I'm very compassionate and kind and one girl told me "Damn you need a girlfriend cause your just too perfect"

...and so modest too !!

Dave H

I am aware that a lot of black women are not interested in white men. It is not simply that they are not interested in me - my wife is black and I know from her that a lot of the black women she knows would not want anything to do with a white man. I know that this also happens the other way round - quite a few white men do not find black women attractive.<br />
<br />
Another issue is that some of them from African countries will marry a white man to get to stay in the UK, Europe, wherever, then after they are safely here will run off with a black man. This does happen, and puts many white guys off. Every woman that does this is making it harder for others that are not deceitful like this.<br />
<br />
The same thing happens the other way round, with black men and white women, of course.<br />
<br />
Another thing is, I have heard many white men say, that a black woman is good for sex but not for marrying. I guess this attitude must also put off many black women who are interested in a proper relationship.<br />
<br />
It can also be difficult being in a mixed-race relationship, as people from different cultures have different attitudes and different values. My wife is African and it has been difficult at times, although now after many years of marriage we are quite OK and gotten used to each other.<br />
<br />
Don't let any of this put you off, however. There are still many white men that love black women, and not just for sex, that will treat her very nicely. You look very attractive in you picture and I am sure you will find one no problem at all.

thank you Badboy9 for that comment. :] it was very uplifitng

Ey frog dreamer garl.im with u on dat 1!

hi<br />
I've also made ​​experiences with black women<br />
and they really are very loving and loyal<br />
even the sex with them is wonderful<br />
I love them

Welcome to a society inundated with stereotypes and racial segregation by the governments, employers, and the people. <br />
It's good to know that there are still many people out there who can actually love someone for their spirit, the same spirit which transcends all racial boundaries and stereotypes.