Pleasantly Surprised

I am shocked to see so many people in this group, but then again times have changed and I for one am really glad we mixing it up a bit.
Maybe mixing in a bit of vanilla in my life could really spice it up ;)

BambiPie BambiPie
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4 Responses Mar 7, 2012

Yes, it is good that things are changing and that interracial relationships are more accepted... I for one am very happy about that!

Me2 :)

hello Bambi... :)

So lets get together and give them something to talk about...

My chocolate is so I married a beautiful black women two years go. As a white male we make a dynamic couple of color. But it's more about love then skin color. We walk as one.

I like love and I hate marriage because love is blind an marriage blinds. This thing called love doesn't see color and that thing called marriage sees only color and what is color after all? It is a wave, that fakes movement and stays where it does, bobbing up and down. Yes, I was talking about the electromagnetic wave which ends the attraction between the colored people and the coloring people. Amor vincit omni, said Homer, Love Conquers All

I'm not 100% sure what you are talking about but u right, love defiantly conquers all

There is nothing wrong with a little chocolate and vanilla swirl :)