From A Black Girl's P.o.v

I saw this title, and I did a double take. I saw how many people actually agreed, and i did a triple take. I saw the stories you guys wrote, and I was just astonished. It amazed me how many different ethnicities had many praises to say about black girls and I have yet to meet any guy outside my race to give one the time of day.
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I think it depends on where you live. In the uk we are more understanding and it is not unsual to see a black and white partnership, or any race tbh. I think all women are beautiful, esp those who can engage the mind as well as the man tool.

I would give you the time of day and night. I being a white man love black ladies and any other color ladies. I could care less what is on the outside. I think you have not met the right man outside your race.

As a black woman I must say a man is a man no matter what races he is. If he is a good man then he is a good man if not then he is not. See I went out with a white boy when I was just a teen and we had fun his step dad was black so his family and my family got along. he was a friend that became more but it end and we went our own ways,( summer thing) but in my early 20’s I dated a childhood friend of my brothers. I always had a thing for him and I would not of said anything but he did and we started dating all was going good then he was all ways sick and could not come over then he told me something that broke my hart not because I was in love with him but because I new him and his family for so long. He said I cant see you any more because my mom don’t wont me dating a black woman. He was getting kicked out if he was to keep seeing me. So we stayed friends and I stop calling his house I always thought his mom liked me until I started dating her son. Love see no color so if you find it hold on to it and have fun finding it.

I think you had better get used to this. Things are changing very quickly and men of all races are beginning to know black women better. And after you get to know BW better, you are even more in love with them !

its 9:10 right right now lol. well white guys feel the same

I woulds definitely give you the time of day. And much more, While the body is just a package for the one who lives in it, it seems black ladies in general are more open and honest and easier to trust and communicate with. They usually seem to have more personal strength which makes for a great companion. That lovely black body is just a nice bonus for the eyes.

I like the way u think ;-)

My experience is that black women rarely approach non-black men if they are interested. I can only assume this may be due to the fear of rejection ba<x>sed on race. In my mind, nothing could be further from the truth. As a younger man, I learned there was a african -american girl who was interested in me. She never even hinted even though we shared many close friends and attended many functions at the same time. i learned later that she was fearful of rejection from someone outside her race. I was deeply hurt by this as we were friends and she was well aware that I had no issues with girls of any race.<br />
It was a real shame that she did not feel comfortable enough to express what she felt. It seems to me there are many more in her same situation.

I have dated a couple of black women in my younger days. Both were excellent experiences. The one thing that stopped us from going further was fear.....<br />
<br />
People, don't give in to fear. People are going to say things about you that are negative. Even family members will. Don't listen. They're full of s**t and are just voicing their own inadequacies. Women from all over can be lovely.<br />
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If we decided to stick through the garbage, I might still be together with one of them........

I'm mixed race an have heard this before. Black women sometimes don't realize their beauty compared to other races. I mean ok, JLo got a booty but almost all black women have beautiful bodies that other women could only dream about and pay big money to get implants to be like them. I say take care of yourself an don't be afraid to be straight up and find out what people think. A lot of people are still raised up to be narrow-minded and fear change, but I think there are many more people that are open-minded to interracial relationships.

Really.? Maybe you're not paying attention

I think a lot of black girls don't realise just how attractive they are for a white man. And a lot of white men are reluctant to admit their attraction to the black girls. Not me! I'm so glad I found my African wife.

You rock, man.

Yes, a lot of us do. The problem is that we don't know if you are attracted to us or not..<br />
<br />
If you are interested in white men, DON'T HESITATE TO TALK TO US!! You'd probably be surprised that the feeling reciprocates....