If You Took The Time To Really Get To Known Them You'll Like Them Too

My wife is Black...but that had nothing to do with why I married her. She is a sweet, wonderful, intelligent, resourceful, and strong woman that happens to be a Beautiful Black Woman. I fell in love with the person....not the color of her skin. There isn't any special prize, or throphy to earn just because your with a person of a different color, or ethnic background. I grew up in a diverse neighborhood on the Southside of Chicago so being around Blacks wasn't new to me...we lived on the same block, went to the same school, played in the same park, shopped at the same stores....and we all had the same problems that any normal blue collar neighborhood had. So I guess you can say I was blessed with the experience of being around people of different colors and etnic backgrounds.. To me EVERYONE is beautiful if you take the time to really know who they are, and how they feel....you just might be surprised at how much you have in common.
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I read these stories all the time about WM-BW interracial relationships and yours is the only I've read that definitely can't be misconstrued as coming off as even slightly racist or discriminatory. Honestly, I cringe when I come upon these types of things because I am a black woman, but not drastically different from any other woman with a beating heart.

Even persons proclaiming to love black women (whether inadvertently or not), say it coming from a place of superiority. Kudos to your perspective on love on the whole...cause it actually does not have a preferred shade and no one gets brownie points for loving BLACK WOMEN, only loving and respecting the one you love REGARDLESS!

Best of wishes to you guys!