Black Ladies Are Beautiful!

To all of you ladies with dark skin tone.

Please acknowledge to yourselves that Black is beautiful. Ebony ladies have beautiful skin, eyes, lips, hair and wonderful curves. To many, these are definitely under-appreciated assets. When combined with a positive, vibrant attitude, perception is perfection.

My limited encounters with Ebony princesses due primarily the demographics of my small mid-western Canadian city is definitely disheartening as well as an obstacle with which I hope to bypass. My attraction definitely goes well beyond superficial as well as a novelty. Hopefully I will have the not too distant opportunity to enhance my life with a wonderful woman of beautiful skin-tone and at the same time at the same time show her, 'White is Nice!'

Absolutely, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yet personalities, goals, and compatibilities must also mesh. May my wish become my reality!

Your Admirer!

P.S. There are many of us!
NorthernMan1966 NorthernMan1966
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I agree would love to have some inbox me so we can chat.

Thank you for thinking we're beautiful. I do hope you find that special ebony princess that compliments your life in a harmonious way.

Thank you so much for the sentiments, Ms. NorthernStar1980.

All the best to you!

You're welcome. Be well. :)

Mucho gracias....and to you as well!

Nice story.... I hope you find your Ebony princess...she's out there, seeking you as well...!
Me myself, I'm not ebony...I'm more of a honey colored nubian princess.....:)

I also hope so...thank you.

All ladies are beautiful. Beauty comes in all shades and sizes. Add a warm and wonderful personality....Perfection!

This is funny, but my ex was Canadian, and its true, its very um..white up towards that way, except in the more metro areas so I can see how hard it would it be. I'm pulling for you to find your Ebony princess, and if not, we're all pretty abundant in the US, lol. Good luck to you.

Very much so....unfortunately...

Thank you so much, Ms. wecanbeheroes. I am now counting on your powers of prayer. You thus are on the hook, lol!

Well, not exactly a praying person, but I have my fingers crossed. That work? lol

Sure, thank you....I am still counting on your powers, please, lol!

I can prestidigitate Gabrielle Union for ya, haha.

hmmmmm.....OK!!!! That would be wonderful....Thank you so much!

No problem :)

I sense your!

Has she shown up? :p

OMG...10 minutes....still nothing! I will be patient for another 30 minutes, I guess...No pressure!

Canada is patiently waiting for you Ebony Ladies to invade.....PLEASE!

You could always move to Toronto. Very sizeable African and Carribean population there. :)

Very true. I have heard as much!

Go for it, I say :)

Thus you suggest, no cross border shopping?

If you can afford to move here, sure lol

True enough!

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I hear you!
I never desired to be any other colour or any other race.
As the years come and go, I have become more appreciative of who I am (and have become proud by choice)

Very wise indeed.

You are too sweet.

Thank you, sweet lady!

Thank you for admiring us! I hope the guy I meet has the same sentiments like you! I would sure marry him and give him lots of caramel babies :D

Take care!

My pleasure. I do truly admire the beauty of Ebony ladies.

The man who is fortunate enough to meet you will be blessed to have you as well as beautiful caramel children!

Aww thank you for your kind words! Im patiently waiting for him :) He's somewhere out there :)

He may be admiring you from afar, yet too nervous to approach. He is attracted to you, though.

Be patient.

I feel the same way

Very good, young lady.

Be happy, and attract your perfect partner.

Exactly the plan!

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I do hope that you find your partner and have a fulfilled life. i can agree "White is Nice"

LOL, thank you.

I truly appreciate when an Ebony lady is interested in us 'good' white men.

All the best to you, as well!


Thank you!

Well said!! :D

Well thank you very much.

I was just being honest!

Take care

Honesty is the best policy! :D

I agree wholeheartedly :)

Well I hope that you will be successful in finding your Ebony Princess and that she will make you very happier than you ever dreamt you could be, afterall that is what many people strive for in life.

Thank you, for the kind words, Ms. EbonyLady.

Yes, everyone should strive there own version of personal happiness.

I also do acknowledge as well as respect the idea that in order to have the opportunity to 'meet' my special lady, it may have to occur using a social media platform such as this. Obviously my preference, as is everyone's, would be the possibility to meet a local girl(guy for you ladies), yet I am open to all methods. Personality compatibility can be recognized via methods such as these, and if nothing else, friendships can be forged. Successful long-distance relationships have occurred for many many years now. For the happiness of 2 people, it should be nothing more than an inconvenience.<br />
I, by no means, wish to appear desperate, yet, as fore-mentioned I do have my own personal interest re: the possibility of developing a long-term relationship with a beautiful black lady. Race should have no boundaries, and distance should not be an obstacle.

You are so sweet and seem very genuine...I hope and believe that you will be rewarded for your chivalry and loving nature.

Thank you very much for your kind words, nice lady!

Absolutely. My words are definitely a small piece regarding my sincere attraction to beautiful ladies of color. I have always had a genuine interest in the all around beauty of the exotic nature of African American ladies.