Yes, I Like Love & Hip-hop Atlanta

Anyone that watches this show has heard, "Why do you watch that trash, it's degrading and exploitative to Black women." Okay, let me stop you.

There are two broad catagories of people when it comes to reality TV, namely the VH1 series Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta. There are those who watch it and those who don't. I fall proudly into the former of these categories. These two groups can be broken down even further.

For those who watch the show, there are people who watch it for entertainment and those who watch it to be offended. The women who signed on the have cameras in their personal lives have chosen to do it for their personal reasons. they want more publicity. They want their stories to be told fro one reason or another. A personal psychology is at play here. Why is it entertaining? Well, anyone who has seen even a clip of the show can attest to the fact that people do some pretty interesting things while the cameras role. I'd be lying if I said that I , myself didn't get some sort of pleasure out of the publicly-broadcast sleaze that is reality TV. Individuals that watch the show to shake their fingers at the cast and scold them through the screen that they're a bad depiction of Black women, I have a newsflash. You are part of the "exploitation." VH1 cares not why you watch, you are still counted in the faceless, number of views that keeps the show on the air.

Finally, no, it is not exploitative of Black women. Please raise your hand if your a black women, and married to someone in/dating someone in/sleeping with someone in/have a career in/ or otherwise connected to the Hip-Hop music industry. These women are NOT the average black woman. These women are not the average woman, period. So, what's all the fuss about?
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2 Responses Sep 13, 2012

........Thats the point though....Little "Sally" and "Johnny" in Montana or somewhere who don't know very many or any black people see that on television, and it becomes their idea of what it means to be black. I'm not saying thats right, but thats the case. And lets not for get little "Keisha" at home watching, who sees that and also decides thats what it means to be black, so she goes out and emulates that behavior.

The sad part is even most of those women don't act like that when cameras aren't rolling, but because it is television, the producers tell them they need to create nonsensical drama to entertain the viewers. Basically, they act like fools with no home training, consequently perpetuating and even worsening a stereotype, for a pay day.

The entire problem IS that those are not the average black woman on the screen, but the more of these shows they make, the more white america believes that is the average black woman.

Oh and I refuse to have those shows on in my house ever because I will not add to any of their ratings even out of curiousity.

My secret show is basketball wives. I hate it but I can't stop watching them and I must admit I like the style.