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I just read another memebers story don't be discourage, and I was aspired to write this to tell people not to be afraid to approach someone you might be romantically interested in just because he/she is from a different race. It might be that they might not be interested in you, but at least you tried. I being more attracted to white men, have been told all of my life by various family members, and even friends to stay away form them. All of white men are racist. Its okay to have a professional career with them but its a big NO-NO to cross that line and be friends let alone date one. And thats what my culture has taught me, but hey I like what I like. So despite future possible objections from my family and friends Im still going to date who I want to date. so people out there dont be discouraged, just go with what you want, its your life and at the end of the day you have to live it. Don't let others live it for you.
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Where do you come from that people taught you it was wrong to be with other races?

I agree with that.

My wish would be in life I was a black women I have always said that to me they have it all and I am a white man but if someone said you could be anybody u could be would be a black women without a doubt

Thank you for your post! I’m white and have always been more attracted to black girls, at least the ones that an open desire for finding true love with a white guy. If there were 50 very good looking white girls in a room and only one black girl, I would talk to the black girl first. So all I want to say is don't be discouraged, true love just might be around the corner!

thanks for sharing I hope others read and are encourage d to follow their hearts, even if the consequences may be harsh

I totaly agree with you.