Scary, But True

I got lost on EP one day and ended up at the end of a 45 comment long story which had as a source for a quiz. So I visited. OMG. I am over 35 and under 40 and I am HOOKED on those quizzes!

Which ones I do makes a difference...I'm married so I skip when I will get married or who I'm likely to marry...I'm all finished with my childbearing so I pass on those as well. I love the color, personality, previous life, even what my GHETTO name would be...only because I can be such a serious, workaholic during the day that to see that I could have a streetwalker name is a good laugh-inducer, therefore stress reliever.

I'll let you know that I have a nice, high IQ and a college education, own my own business and home and have ADHD. Interesting combination, huh. So for any skeptics who may read this thinking that Blogthings is just for kids I hope you'll reconsider. (And the business I own doesn't happen to be occurred to me some might think this is a self-plug...mine is photography!)

As I have gone through these quizzes, most of which average 5-10 questions and can be completed with results in less than 5 minutes, the results astound me. Not that I'm surprised by what they say, but by the accuracy for the most part and the way in which the self-descriptions are worded. I have actually created 4-5 Word documents and copy and paste the results into the docs, save them and will one day print them out I suppose for a good read. I enjoy the little bit of a pedestal it makes you feel you're put upon, then might humorously knock you back off. If you are open to possibilities, you might actually get some ideas for a career change, new class to try in school or at a local college or heck, start a blog about something you hadn't realized about yourself.

It's really fun...try it! (Blogthings, I'll send you the

1tufcuky 1tufcuky
36-40, F
Feb 18, 2009