What's In Your Medical Blood Play Kit?

Enjoy, but be safe, is what I always say.
Now the question rises: what do people do to be safe? There are some funny "vampire and blood play guides" around, but we all make different choices about what we think we need for proper medical care after bloodplay or vampireplay.
So... what's in your kit?

My standard bloodplay medical kit (that I use for a lot more than just bloodplay) contains:
- a bottle of 70% alcohol
- a bottle of 97% alcohol
- an aeresol spray with mixed percentages of alcohol
- tissues
- latex gloves
- razor blades
- my trusty double edged dagger
- anti-septics (betadine)
- bandages (regular and butterflies)
- gauzepads
- medical tape
- anti-bacterial soap (wich I use around the house in general)

And always good for vampire play:
- toothbrush and toothpaste
- mouthwash
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2 Responses Nov 19, 2012

Superglue and Neosporin would be good additions.

I don't think I'll ever enjoy this again (I'm locked out the BDSM scene because some borderliners decided to be psycho), as I can't attract a suitable partner anymore. No pool to fish in. But I do like your contribution. :)

Oh my.....never tried it. I should do some reading....

I like to think I'm a bit experienced in this field. If you have any questions: I like to teach people. :-)