Budding Haematophiliac?

Apparently that's what its called. Haematophilia -sexual attraction involving blood (either on a sex partner/attractive person or the liquid itself. If only I could pronounce it! I need some advice. Here's some questions. I would like to start learning how to draw blood other ways. Something less obvious than cutting. Especially with less scarring than the cuts. Can anybody give me some tips on drawing blood safely with a needle or by other means? I know some of the basics but I'd like a little extra help. Thanks.

 Here's my personal story if you still feel like reading.

When I was younger, about 13, I started cutting when I felt emotional. That was the original reason.  As I grew older I realized I loved watching the blood come out. I loved the feel of it dripping. I never did cut that deep. I could no longer associate it with sadness or hurt. It was no longer a release. I just liked to do it because of the pleasure I got from watching the blood. I had to quit for quite a while for fear of being found out again. Recently I've been reading about blood play and brought it up to my boyfriend. He's pretty open minded so he let me cut him. I made some designs and watched his beautiful dark red blood drip from the wound. He then cut a small design on my breast and my lighter colored blood dripped out so delicately. The anticipation, the adrenaline, the feel of it under my fingers.... after that I just wanted more. Its also kind of interesting to think about how controversial what we're doing is. Since then we've had only two more cutting sessions- the second being a bit more sensual. He seems to enjoy the cutting just a little bit more than the blood and me its the opposite. I trust him very much.

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Be aware of viruses (including HIV) that can be spread through bloodplay. I would hope we're all aware of this, but always mention it just in case.<br />
Play piercing might be an avenue you could explore. It is less likely to scar than cutting. There is a different feeling and aesthetic to it than cutting, but if your BF mostly likes inflicting or recieving pain or feeling the rush that comes from either, piercing could still work for him. Larger needles (which have smaller gauges) will hurt more and give you more blood. People generally use gauges 18 to 25, 1.5 inch long, needlepoints with hubs. These can be purchased online from medical device providers without a presc<x>ription. There won't be the same amount of blood as with cutting, but you can do several things. One would be to do a greater number of piercings so that the few drops that come from each add up to more overall. Another is to use locations with lots of capillaries and veins. Most people use the chest. You can also use your arms, tops of hands, and thighs. Genital piercing can be tricky and I haven't tried that so not much I can say on that other than the skin is different, there are lots of nerves to **** up, be careful of arteries, and the shape is awkward so you could repoke the person with the needle by accident. <br />
Venipuncture is withdrawing blood from a vein, usually in the crook of the elbow. While this gives a lot of blood, I highly highly recommend consulting a kink-friendly doctor or nurse- people train just to learn how to do this properly so it's best to learn it from them or someone in the kink community who is well versed and experienced. <br />
Lancets are another option. Those are small needles that diabetics use to pick their finger to test their blood sugar levels. These can be used all over the body (nothing above the shoulders! That goes for cutting and piercing too! Please!) and control the depth. <br />
Hope this was helpful!

I'm interested in comparing what you write with my own experience, but would also warn you about the risks of the nasty bugs which blood can carry and of doing internal damage that you don't realise at the time and can't control.<br />
As a 5 -6 year old I became aware of a thin white line and parallel dots on my belly. As my parents avoided answering my questions I started to investigate and later to read. That's how I got into cutting, piercing and burning my scar, which from what I learnt was from surgery for pyloric stenosis when I was just 10 days old. There was no pain, just a good feeling, from what I now know was endorphin (the pleasure hormone). Later this morphed into sexual feelings. Sometimes I pierced a vein and there was blood, which didn't panic me and soon stopped, but that never gave me pleasure. Early in our relationship I had my wife cut my scar, but she didn't enjoy it (fair enough too). Like your boyfriend I still enjoy the cutting - but the sessions now are few and far between because I like the beach and don't want questions! <br />
I realise now that I started cutting and piercing not only from curiosity but also from self-loathing, or more to the point because I felt so ashamed of my scar which I didn't understand or appreciate. In fact it's my lifesaver and I'm now proud of it. Now I can answer people's questions and via the web I realise I'm part of a huge group of PS survivors! The embarrassment has gone, but the enjoyment of occasional piercing continues.