Books, Books, Books ...

My Mum always said: "If a house doesn't contain books, it isn't a home!" And I reckon she was right.

She taught how to read when I was three years old and, by the time I started schol at five, I could not only read but could do proper handwriting. You know, the joined-up stuff.

When I was 12 I had a cycling accident, and had to stay at home for five weeks, one arm in a sling, one leg permanently up on a stool. Friends brought my school work home for me, and the books to go with it.

I not only read the set books, but also Mum went to the library and got me a Western and a Thriller EVERY DAY!

I have hundreds of books, and I read them all again and again. And I also buy others to add to my own personal library.

And if I can't get to sleep at night because of my brain whirring round,  I make a cup of tea, and pick a book to browse.

Peace prevails, sleep comes.

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1 Response Mar 13, 2010

In the summer i sell books at carboots and when i hear a child say books are boring i could quite cheerfuly throttle them. I used to work at a re-cycling place and wormed my way onto the paper sorting belt where loadsa books used to come along. The company didn't mind us taking stuff home and i used to have my back pack stuffed with books, a box of books tied to my 125 motorbikes back rack and another behind me on the seat, steering the bike home was interesting to say the least. and i had to practically sit on the tank to keep the front end down.<br />
My front room was a series of pathways through stacks of books to the door, the phone and the stereo and when i got a van and started doing carboots selling books my prices were good coz the books didn't cost me anything. Every now and again at the factory large crates of brand new books from a publishers came in, fact, fiction, top name authors, all sorts and i used to grab what i could before they got pulped. <br />
At the moment i'm on the third book of Issac Asimov's foundation trilogy, i've sold it as a box set before now and as i like his style of writing thought i ought to read it and flipping good it is in all!<br />
I read a lot of factual WW2 books, especially aviation ones (back to my username again) and only occasionaly delve into fiction, I Uused to be very keen on Clive Cussler and was buying his first editions, one UK copy and one USA copy but over the last coupla years he's gone off the boil, for me, and whereas he used to write one really decent book a year he's teamed up with other authors to churn out several a year now and i just can't afford to keep up simply to keep the collection going but i got just about all of his early novels in first editions. <br />
My philiophisy is, i'd rather give a book away than throw one away, so yeah, i like books as you may have gathered!