Pondering the delights of Ginger Wine.

January, for some, is a time of alcoholic restraint, but for me it presents an abundance of elixirs to sup, allowing some respite from the snow, the debts from Christmas, and, to be frank, life in general.  My mother has 5 hard-drinking brothers, with hard drinking children and wives, and she buys enough alcohol at Christmas to keep them happy for days.  Unfortunately she doesn’t buy Jack Daniels, Tequila or Southern Comfort, she buys Christmassy drink.  Typically we see less and less of her family so the bottles gather dust and lose their festive associations.  They call to me, whimpering; nothing is as lonely as a bottle of booze going to waste.  So, out of respect and compassion I steal a bottle every week until they’ve all fulfilled their purpose. 
Even so, I’ll be lucky if they get me through to British Summer Time.
I have a system, of course.  Firstly I have the Irish Creams because they coagulate after a while.  It doesn’t stop me drinking it but I do feel a bit squeamish when it settles in globules on top of my nightcap coffee.  At first.
I’ll do the wines after that because they’re not the kind of vintages that get better with age.  Though my mum likes the white sparkling variety and I should learn to leave them there longer because the fizz might eventually die away.  Last week I had Tia Maria because it sounded glamorous, but it made my teeth hurt and gave me hangovers.  I’ve already mentioned this week’s Ginger Wine – a strange concoction that doesn’t really taste of ginger at all.  The only ingredients mentioned on the label are sulphides; it has a slight fizz I’m turning my nose up at, maybe that’s them.
The ethanol bits of it are working their magic.
I always leave anything with coconut until last, when I’m really desperate.
By February I’ll be on the bottles of gin.  It takes some getting used to in coffee and it makes me hungry for murder.  It’ll be alright though.  I’m sure.
CrookedMan CrookedMan
Jan 20, 2013