I Have Always Hated Tap Water

Yep, I've always avoided tap water by any and all costs ever since I could remember. I've never liked it because it always tasted kind of tappish, like there was something in it that I could never describe. It tasted like lead or some kind of metal (I know that isn't normal and it shouldn't taste like that) and that's exactly why I avoided it and it's taste.

That doesn't mean I've never drank it before because I have, I had to in order to survive. What human or animal can survive without water?

I guess, instead I prefer bottled water (even though I can't afford it a majority of the time), kool-aid, juice, or soda preferably Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper, at least to me, has a great acidy taste that leaves your body feeling energized, if only for a minute. I just have never and probably never will like tap water. However, I know that if I exercise and eat the proper foods, I'll live a long and healthy life, and so will my husband despite never drinking tap water.

Dimples87 Dimples87
26-30, F
1 Response Jul 1, 2008

our tap water here is not bad but to me, it's easier to drink bottled water. for me, it's easier to keep track of consumption and make sure i'm drinking the amount i am supposed to. but i don't find the taste any better or worse. in an attempt to get "green", i bought a water bottle and use that now. i usually drink what i am supposed to, but not always