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Bound, Helpless…and Loving It

After a scene, my Master would take a shower while I cleaned up and prepared his bed. He came back into the room and removed his towel, handing it to me so that I might pat dry his body. He dressed for the night and fell asleep. I took my place on the mat at the end of the bed, with out being allowed to wash up or dress, and settled in for my own sleep.

Usually, my Master would leave in the morning with nothing more then a shuffling of changing his clothes, gathering of keys, and the closing of the door. This morning was not usual…

 I was awoken when I felt the blindfold slip into place. I was still tired, and unsure of the time. My mind panicked a little, wondering if it were still night, and entertained the thought that maybe I had unsatisfied my Master earlier, and this was my punishment. Experience taught me to relax my muscles and allow him to do whatever he wanted. If I pleased him, I might even be rewarded with a bit of pleasure.

 The ball gag was placed in my mouth, and I could feel the ties being knotted on my wrists, ankles, elbows, and knees. It wasn’t anything hard or tight, but enough to immobilize and stop me from wriggling free. This was unusual for my Master. He gets off from inflicting pain…so the fact that my arms weren’t contorted behind my back to near dislocating pain, sent a flag up in my mind.

 A deep chuckle from behind me erupted. “I know what you’re thinking Maggot. You want to know what’s coming next, don’t you?” he laughed.

 He pushed my shoulder with his foot, signaling me that I was to roll over onto my back. I then felt him kneel on top of my abdomen, one knee on either side of my chest. It was then, I felt that he was naked, and his arousal was pulsing on the cleft between my breasts. Leaning his head down, he whispered into my ear.

 “I want to try something different.” My back arched as goose bumps covered my naked flesh. A hand gave a firm smack on my right breasts, and the left hand flicked a hardened nipple. At that time, I had no idea what to expect, but with his member rubbing against my chest, I was wet with anticipation.

 He shuffled his hips so as to move himself closer to my face; his **** resting on my chin. He moved it back and forth letting the escaped drool smear across my chin and bottom lip.

 “I bet you want me to **** you’re dirty mouth, wouldn’t you Maggot.” He teased. He caressed my check with his right hand; a gentle gesture he had never given me. I began to tremble in anticipation. If he was being this nice to me now, the games were only starting.

 He stood up suddenly. The warmth on my chest was gone, and I heard my Master shuffling about the room, looking for something. Finally a little ‘ah’ was said, and a small chuckle was stifled.

 A few moments passed, and the silence was broken by a small moan escaping my throat. He pushed his fingers against my ****, and rubbed slowly in small, teasing circles.

 “Maggot: You’re so wet. You want me to **** you, don’t you?” he asked in a bemused tone. I nodded my head, expecting fully that he was just teasing me with the thought. Before I could breathe my next breath, a gasp left my lips as he slid his **** deep into my leaking *****.

 It was amazing! After waiting for so long…a sensation that filled me, stretched me; it was bliss. But all too quickly, the feeling was gone, and I was empty again.

 “Did you enjoy that?” he asked, catching his breath momentarily. Again, I nodded. “Good. I have some errands to run. If you are a good girl, I will finish what I’ve started.”

 My mind exploded! My Master was going to **** me, and all I had to do was wait for him? I was excited and happy…but a voice in the back of my mind kept calling out in warning, ‘but what is the price?’ That voice was answered with another chuckle.

 “All you have to do,” he started as he turned on a vibrator, “is not ***.” He placed it against my **** and tied it in such a fashion that it would not move as I squirmed. My heart sank.

 He grabbed keys from a dish off the dresser and left the room, whistling to himself. I struggled hard to fight against the rising tide of pleasure, and sadly was eventually lost to its waves. It would be a long time after this before I felt his **** deep inside me again.

TiEnya TiEnya 26-30, F 2 Responses May 2, 2010

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This was quite lovely. Enjoyed it immensely.

My Master spent many nights with me on ****** control. So I'd like to think that for the most part, I'm in good enough control. But in that situation, for that long...I couldn't hold it. When he returned, he was disappointed, but he put me in a no win situation, so he knew I wasn't going to make it. But he liked it that way, lol. <br />
<br />
And thank you. I try to write so that people reading who maybe haven't been in this situation would maybe understand the emotions attached. I think it's different, Master/slave relationships from normal ones, so trying to explain the devotion that was felt, the explaining what I was feeling and thinking, it really sets the stage. And for those who are into this scene, it makes the experience that much better ;)<br />
<br />
Thanks for reading!