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Hooter's Girl's First Bondage Experience

I know it sounds like the beginning of a Penthouse Forum letter, but "I never thought this would happen to me..."

However, once it did, I realized how much I enjoyed it and made sure it happened a LOT more after that! LOL.

So, my freshman year of college, I started had my first girlfriend. I'd been curious in high school, but had only stuck with guys there. As soon as I left for colelge, though, I was bound and determined (pun intended) to experiment with another woman. It seemed I wasn't the only one; every girl I knew in college had at least thought about it, and most of them had already tried it. About half were admittedly bi, even if they prefered guys. But that's all for a lesbian group. You all want to hear about my first time being tied up...:)

Her name was Jackie. She was my second "girlfriend". (I don't think we ever dated, per se...I mean, we hung out, but we were never exclusive. We did have sex a lot though...:) I was not her first, second, probably not even her tenth. She wasn't bi and she wasn't experimenting. She'd decided during high school that she was, in fact, a lesbian. So, she was experienced, and she taught me the ropes. (Again, pun intended.)

Jackie was about an inch taller than me, trim and had a great ***. Straight black hair, and piercing blue eyes. And sharp teeth. But I found that out later. She also had a small ring in her left nipple. We had been hooking up for about a month, maybe eight or nine times in all. She definitely took the lead in the relationship and when she told me she wanted to tie me up, I agreed, even though I was reluctant. I mean I'd had guys hold me down while they ****** me, or pull my hair, or spank me, but I'd never actually been restrained. But she was damned hot and I would have done just about anything for her. And she knew it.

So, one Friday night, we went to her apartment. Her roommate was out partying and we had the place to ourselves. When I walked in she smiled, took me in her arms, french kissed me deeply and then, stepping back told me to get naked NOW. I liked her aggression and eagerly ******** out of my clothes. She smiled, a bit coldly, took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom, shoving me down on the bed. I laughed a little nervously. She didn't. She already had the ropes in place, tied to each corner of the bed. Wordlessly, she kneeled beside me, tying my right wrist. Snug, not quite tight enough to cut off circulation but tight enough that I couldn't slip my hand out. She straddled me as she tied the left wrist, my arms stretched taut across the double bed. I could feel the warmth of her ***** and *** on my cool **** and was already realizing just how helpless I was and would be. I wanted to touch her, but was subject to her whims.

She tied my ankles too, left the room briefly, then returned with my clothes. Most she left on the floor but came to my side, my panties in her hand. In her other hand was a roll of duct tape. She softened just a little and said, "Last chance. After I gag you, you won't be able to protest. I'll do whatever I want to you, whether you like it or not."

I didn't remember saying anything about being gagged but really, I wasn't in much position to argue and, honestly, I was horny as hell by now. "I'm all yours," I told her huskily.

She smiled, leaned down and tickled my ear with her breath as she said, "I know..."

She stuffed my panties in my mouth. They were silky and sightly damp and I smelled more than tasted my own juices on them. I was aware of my nostrils flaring as I breathed through my nose. A couple of quick strips of duct tape made sure I didn't spit them out. She sat back and admired her handiwork - her 18 year old, newly bi, blonde haired, big breasted, recently shaved totally helpless victim. She actually licked her lips.

She ********, getting comfortable and then slid between my legs, inhaling my moist fragrance with a deep sigh before burying her face in my *****. I came twice before she came up for air, her face glistening with my juices. I tried to yelp when she bit my right nipple, harder than I would have liked. I tugged against the ropes that held my wrists but they held fast. Twisting my legs I was unable to pull my feet free. She laughed, biting hard enough that I thought she'd draw blood but she didn't.

After her initial onslaught and my *******, she started to tease me. Kisses all over my body. Gentle caresses and blwoing softly on my nipples until they were so hard they ached. Rubbing my **** and bringing me to the brink of an ****** only to stop just before I climaxed, laughing at my helplessness.

This went on for at least half an hour, though it felt so much longer. I wanted to beg her to let me *** but, even though I couldn't get the words past my panties, she knew. And she denied me. She retrieved one of our strap-ons and carefully fitted it around my head, telling me since there wasn't much I could do in my helpless state to pleasure her, she'd just make the best of it. With the ***** possiiton just above my mouth, she straddled my face, slid down the ***** until her soaked ***** was pressed agaisnt my face, only a thin ***** of duct tape separating us. She grabbed my hair and rode that ***** through two loud, wet *******. her juices dribbled down my face, onto my neck and into one of my ears but all I could do was lay there, enjoy the show and be used for her pleasure.

When she was done, she slid off the *****, smiled down at me and, cat-like, licked the ***** and my face clean.

She left the room again and I squirmed helplessly, hornier than ever, needing to be ******, to be used, to ***! The bed creaked a little as I strained against the ropes, but it was useless. She returned with a piece of paper. Oddly, she'd written "Happy Birthday" on it. She taped it to the headboard and explained, "It's my roommate's birthday. She thinks you're cute." Jackie smiled at me and said, "She's going to be so surprised!"

I wanted to tell her that her roommate wouldn't be the only one surprised but I couldn't. I hadn't signed up for that, but again, I couldn't protest. As it turned out, her rommate was also very...experienced. But again...that's for a lesbian group...:)
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WOW! That sounds like one helluva good time! I wish I could meet you or your friend!!

I couldn't go through half of it without having to relieve myself.....then again afterwards, thinking of what her roomate thought.....<br />
<br />
Care to tell us what her roomate did to you?

In the shower, I thought of your story some (in a non-perverted way). I though about what I would have done differently than her. I couldn't think of anythign else except this, and it would be more for you than anything.

(I'm not sure if anyone has done this)Put a bowl underneath your already wet *****. Then, get some tape, and securely tape a vibrator so that the tip is barely inside. Then just leave you there, and see if the bowl starts to get filled. I'm sadly still a virgin, so I haven't been able to try it on a girl myself. If you do it, be sure to tell me! :)

very erotic ,, A+

Still waiting for those juicy details :)