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My Step Father Ties My Mom Up All The Time

My brother Jason and I have both seen lots of her pictures on my step father's computer, including ones where she's naked, dressed in stockings or thigh highs and some where she had spread her ***** and *** open for the camera and ones where she's getting her mouth, *** or ***** ****** or used. There are a lot of pictures where she's tied up and some where she's blindfolded and exposed with her legs spread wide open and even a few with her **** tied up.

Not only that but one time when they were gone, Jason found the "**** box" with all kinds of videos, a couple of which were of them having sex.and other things where Mom is tied up, her ***** and **** exposed, some clips of my step father literally ******* her mouth and she's tied to the bed, several clips where she was tied or handcuffed and being ******, and scenes where she had bottles and cucumbers used to **** her *****.

I had a VCR and TV in my room later and would borrow **** tapes to watch and watch their homemade tape several times. It was hot watching my step father using my Mom as a sex ****. He has a good sized **** and one thing he liked to do was gag her when she was sucking it and her hands are tied to the bed so she can't stop him from orally abusing her. She had a couple of vibrators and he'd have her tied spread eagle then would **** her ***** with one then get her ******* wet then stick the ***** in her ***. A few times after he did that he'd put his **** up her *** too and since she was tied, she couldn't stop him. He'd take the video camera and you could see her ******* moving in and out as he ****** her. There was one time after he pulled out, he had her spread her *** open so you could see the *** running out of her *******.

Even though I only saw them ******* once "real", I must've watched them **** hundreds of times watching those videos and piix on the computer.
kellyng69 kellyng69 31-35, F Jun 25, 2012

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