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The Job

Svetlana had been hired to steal a thumbdrive from the safe of a senior manager at a well known European bank. Europe being Europe, women dress a bit more provocatively than in the states, and this manager was not afraid to use her considerable beauty to gain an advantage in the otherwise male-dominated industry. She was partial to very expensive business attire, normally clingy skirts that emphasized her hips, silk blouses and towering heels.

Svetlana had informed her client (an unnamed man who was in global weapons market who made his fortune selling off his airbase after the collapse of the Soviet Union) that this would take time, and that she would need considerable leeway, and if necessary, resources. She was informed that this would not be an issue, and to let him know what else she might need. Svet decided to take a relatively low risk, if long term approach---get hired by the company, then make her move.

Hired as The Boss's administrative assistant, Svet understood she was expected to dress accordingly, and frequently wore extremely tight pantsuits and miniskirts, thigh highs, low cut blouses, etc. There was also one security guard that would have to be dealth with, and although a miniskirt and heels weren't the best option for tying and gagging the guard, Svet was confident she could do it.

Even female guards can be distracted with a little flirting, so after pulling on her thigh highs and tight black satin bikini panties, Svet got into her sexiest business attire, put her supplies into a small briefcase, and met the guard at her desk. She chatted and smiled before asking for Svet to swipe her badge, and Svet used the moment to pounce. Svet pushed the guard to the ground, pinning the guard's arms with her legs as she straddled her, simultaneously stuffing a pair of hot pink panties into her mouth. She fought as Svet taped her mouth with clear duct tape, holding the panties in and making Svet just a bit damp with pleasure as she straddled the furiously mmmphing guard. She has a bit of time, so Svet hitched up the guard's skirt, noticing that she was wearing a very sexy pair of panties under her pantyhose. She gave her a playful smack on the ***, evoking another minute of fury from the helpless guard before hogtying her with white nylon line.

To be continued...

sexygag sexygag 31-35, F Jul 10, 2012

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