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The Job Part 2

Svet had just finished tying up the guard and gagging her, and took a minute to admire her handywork. The guard was still writhing and mmmmphing, shooting murderous glances at her captor. Her gag was very tight, holding the hot pink panties in place, stuffed deeply in her mouth. She obviously had a date tonight, which she was certainly going to miss. She was wearing a very sexy pair of white satin string bikini panties, with tiny black polka dots. The strings tied into a little bow on each hip, and they were too small to cover her bubble butt. Before moving on to her real target for the evening, Svet took the time to adjust her own panties, tug on her thigh highs, take the guard's badge and keys, and weapon and then stroll out.

Svet's heels click clacked on the tile floor as she approached her boss' office. She knocked politely and smiled as her mark opened the door. A truly beautiful woman, her boss was wearing extraordinarily tight pinstriped dress pants that left little to the imagination, along with a silk blouse showing ample cleavage. As soon as her boss turned around, Svet was on her like a cat on a mouse, pushing her against the edge of a plush sofa while pinning her wrists behind her, explaining why she was there. She enjoyed grinding herself against her boss' round ***, even taking a minute to caress it after taping her wrists together. Her wrists taped, her boss now watched as Svet took out a pair of cotton panties; arguing (correctly) that security wouldn't be coming to her rescue, her boss said gagging her wasn't necessary. Svet gave a sexy smile and agreed, then stuffed the panties firmly and deeply into her mouth as her boss attempted to protest. Svet then taped her boss' mouth, tightly, before laying her on her stomach and using a pair of shears to cut off her pants and blouse, her efforts being greeted by her boss frantically mmmphing and struggling---no doubt realizing that she was now doomed to be discovered in several hours in her white panties, bound, gagged and helpless, watching as Svet opened the safe, and strolled out with the data she needed.
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Cracking story. Wish it had been me tied and gagged.