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Stockings And Stilettos By Retroone

Beware I have a vivid imagination and this box may not big enough to share that story! It begins innocently enough when two women run into each other on their way home from the office. As women from the business world they dress sharp and as casual friends they often compliment on each other's outfit. Tonight one is sporting a soft light colored blouse with a gentleman’s necktie, a sleek dark blue fitted pencil skirt that nearly hides her seamed stockings, and black spiked heels. The other in a loose pleated skirt cut above the knees, a very complimentary light pink knitted top covered by a business jacket, and smoky colored stockings with strappy heels.
It's not quite the weekend but they agree to begin the unwind process and stop for a relaxing drink. Unaware, their skirts slowly shift and rise as they chat and swing to face each other in their swiveling bar stools. Eventually each other recognized what is being framed in the others hemline, and intrigued by the thought of what it means.
Alcohol has impacted their business facade and conversation begins to be a bit more personal. Each hiding a burning desire to see the secret buried under the other’s femanine facade. It starts innocently enough as a hand passes across the leg of the other, then comes a light stroke at the nylon faced by the skirt's hem and an attempt to try sealing the deal. Little secretes evolve as the two ladies lean toward each other revealing fantasies and hidden desires. They agree to a final nightcap at the house and continue home.
Comfort is found upon entering by shedding the jacket, tie, and scarf. Seats are taken on the couch. A tall glass of red wine is served and their conversation regains its momentum. The house accommodates a more casual setting as is evidenced by their relaxed positions. The girl in the pleated skirt changes positions and her hemline shifts once again. It’s just enough to reveal the silk top of her gartered stockings and the edge of her garter clip. Fascinated, her partner compliments on how pretty it looks then places her hand firmly against her own skirt to expose the outline of the garter she too is wearing. Each takes turns running their fingertips about the outlines of the others outfit. The casual brush has advanced to direct play and intentional strokes at femininity. The truth is unraveling as the glasses begin to empty. The girl in the pleated skirt exposes an interest in being taken by a lover while struggling, bound against her will. She expresses the tingling burning sexual desire she experiences when she dreams about it and how the though entices her and scares her at the same time.
She reaches across the couch to set her glass on the end table. As she turns back she feels her partner guiding her arms behind her. She's very relaxed and does not immediately realize that they are being bound together behind her and will shortly be out of her control. She calmly asks what is happening as rope quickly secures her wrists and elbows tightly together. Her chest is now prominent as the rope has pulled her shoulders back lifting her breasts and pushing them outward. Her friend asks if this is what she meant and how bondage by design is quite lustful. She gives a somewhat positive response as her partner leans over and secures her nylon clad ankles together. With concentric wraps, the fine white soft nylon rope circles the spikes of her heels to her ankles so they can’t be kicked free. Our damsel in distress is now squirming on the couch showing some signs of resistance. Again she is asked if this was how she imagined it would feel.
Laughing a little and provocatively wiggling to get free, she says yes. She states the sensation the ropes make by forcing her nylons and silk tops to rub together is quite sensual but would like to be freed. Her friend, now in control, starts to glide the tips of her fingernails over her friends painted lips, then over the tops of her protruding breasts, and slowly underneath her skirt to the stocking tops near her panties. Our captive, now showing signs of duress and resistance, is struggling to be free and growing seriously concerned. The prisoner now has her top pulled over her head and folded back over her bound arms exposing a scant sheer bra made of a matching nylon to her stockings. This ignites lust, sex, and exciting and is soon to be consumed at will.
Once again our damsel in distress requests to be freed but is met without compliance as the hands of her captor continue to travel further and farther about her body. Her voice is met with the resistance of her partner’s mouth presses against hers. The words were never muttered as she continued to plead for help. Locked, lip to lip, she has little room to do anything but wiggle, and wiggling beneath her captor is the arousal that was intended. Her skirt, now ridden almost to her waist, allows access to and exposes the awesomeness of all the femininity hidden beneath. The thought of her being raped is now racing through her mind but she is too confused to consider this an option. Her captor continues her advance by rubbing her breast to breast, then nipple to nipple through the thin skin of a satin blouse and the nylon encased breasts of her bound lover.
The dominatrix, still with her legs held tightly together by her form fitted pencil skirt, now appears with a scarf and blindfolds her prisoner. The sense of sight is gone but her hearing is unimpaired. She feels her captor rise from the couch and hears the shuffling of fabric, the sound of a zipper, and steps click across the room. Next the slide of a drawer opening is detected and a slight unfamiliar clinging detected as the stilettoes traverse the floor in return. A faint roll of the couch cushion tips the captive sideways. Her partner sits and instructs the prisoner to say, “Ahhh!” The obviously response was “What?” but in the end that was still long enough to insert a penis gag and secure the backing with a lock. Blindfolded, gagged, and tightly bound she is now forced to comply with her captive’s intents and advances. Thoughts of what’s happening race through her mind with each and every unrecognized sound. Is there more than one person in the room, is she taking pictures of me, am I being turned to slavery, or is it my sexual desire finally being exposed and played out for my own good?
More to come? Does this count as role playing or is it just plain sexual fantasy? Anyone interested in playing the damsel in distress should write (that is if your not bound in lingerie and want to play more)!
RetroOne RetroOne 56-60, M 1 Response Nov 8, 2012

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Waiting to here what happens next. Does her skirt stay or disappear.