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I’ve always been an outdoors man but, I grew up in the suburbs so you’d think I would have gotten out much. Aw contraire; air rifles and slingshots have always been and still are a real favorite of mine but, about 7 years ago a buddy told me about bow hunting. I told him how much I wanted to try it so. He let me borrow on of his bows and a few arrows to practice with for about a month and then he and I took a trip to Colorado and this dude was a serious outdoors man. We spent about three week in deep back woods hunting deer, elk and grouse. We brought our fishing gear and mostly lived off of trout, wild mushrooms and berries. It was AWSOME. It was my first real survival and back country trip, so deep that you knew who you were when you came back. Sense then; I’ve always wanted to go bow hunting more often but, I would always spend my money on something else. Well I ordered a bow on ebay should be here next week. This outdoors man is stoked.
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1 Response Apr 7, 2012

Cool !.. I think i must change my name to "outdoorsman junior"...LOL