I Bowl Too Much!

I started bowling fairly often when I was 17.  My Fridays were as follows: go to school and pretend to care, go to work chasing greyhounds for 7 hours, and then go to the bowling alley and play 15 to 20 games.  Then I met my wife and was much more interested in other things....
Fast forward 10 years.  She died in a car accident and I needed an outlet.  Hey!  Lets go beat up some bowling pins.  That helped for a while.  I joined my first league in the fall of '09 and learned quickly just how much I needed to learn.  Also, I was spending a fortune on open bowling.  So, I got a part time job at the bowling alley to offset my bowling expenses and to get away from my kids for a few hours.  Free open play!!!!  I am now holding a 195 average and hoping to up it another 10-15 sticks so I can start in some scratch leagues (the average bowler in our scratch leagues holds a 210).  I just started my 3 year old son in a league and watching him is the funniest thing ever!  He throws the ball like a shot put and immediately runs back to the ball return to wait for the ball.  He even gets mad when he doesn't hit enough pins and will do his special 3 yr old jibberish cussing!
carfreaksg carfreaksg
26-30, M
Feb 13, 2011