Bowling Enthusiast

I enjoy bowling! I am an enthusiast

I find it to be very satisfying to throw the ball down the lane and knock down the pins!

Also, it is fun to share excuses when I get a gutter ball (which is about one-third of the time)- excuses like:

1. The lane is slanted!

2. The wind took it!

3. I haven't been feeling well!

4. I'm middle-aged!

5. All of the above!

Due to limited finances, I cannot go bowling as often as I would like;  however, I do enjoy the experience on an ocassional basis!

I only play for fun, not competitively!

Once in a while, I will watch portions of professional bowling tournaments on televsion! Those are interesting!

There is a humorous difference: In professional bowling, if a player knocks down nine out of the ten pins, people say, "Oh, too bad!"

When I knock down nine pins, I get enthused and excited and say, "Way to go! Excellent, dude!"

jrhanold jrhanold
46-50, M
1 Response Nov 24, 2008

have you tried lawn bowls............thats a really good game of strategy.