Love Boys In Tights & Leotards

Had a  lovely experience once with a youg guy in tights - we didn't last very long as it was too erotic! Contact me if you want some mutual fun - Barnet, Herts, UK. 37 yrs.

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Men in tights is becoming more and more common, thanks to athletes sporting them. Slip on a pair with shorts, the only looks you'll get are because you look good.

year Bonenhose is correct for Australia- compression clothing has really taken off in the cities here- to the point where it used to an advantage to wear it- no its like 'sort of expected' so to speak that many people do it u disadvantage yourself if you don't wear compression clothing.

Some people wear compression clothing in the bush but no where near enough


I use to workout wearing a leotard and tights all of the time. I even got up the courage to workout in the hotel exercise room when I traveled. I had a few encounters with women but never one with a man. Those were great times but women also worked out in a leotard back then so I could usually come up with a story if someone called me out. I still wear them when I can.

Thanks for detailing your encounter. I actually had the pleasure of meeting up in person with someone from on-line (though you have to be careful) and he was someone who liked tight jeans, while myself, tights. It was exciting enough to be wearing tights in somebody else's presence, but I actually got him to try the tights on, and hump his feet. It was a very exciting experience. In addition, I met with someone who liked wearing tights and after we talked and got to know each other a little bit we both wore tights with our raging hard-ons and rubbed each other off, which was a pretty quick and vigorous process. I personally derive excitement in having someone who has never tried tights try them to see their reaction; perhaps subconsciously I'm projecting my puerile discoveries involving the initial thrill of wearing tights onto the other person.

Hey Maverick - I've been lucky to have 3 experiences now with lads in tights. First one was when I was 18; I wore a really tight pair of beige riding jodphurs and I gave him a pair of pink ballet tights - he sucked me off in no time, through the jodphurs. Second one was another guy wearing white opaque tights and me wearing tan tights - really stretchy - I remember our erections sticking straight out towards each others - it was really erotic. I humped him on the bed; it was amazing. The last time was with a guy that was also in ballet clothes - he brought some tights and leotards and so did I. He looked so pretty in white opaque ballet tights and long sleeved maroon leotard - I wore some grey ribbed tights and we had a great time humping each other. Fun times with some great guys!!

I totally *** to this story...its my ultimate fantasy!

I like your story. I love wearing leotard and tights too. and is'n't a gay thing. I usually wear them during the winter months,they keep me very warm. I can remember wearing gray leotard and tights a few years ago at a Halloween party, dressed as an alley cat. They felt so nice, snug and soft, making me feel quite horny. It was a nice party and we all had a lot of fun. I was in my early 30's at the time, in good shape. I was invited by my uncle who came to take me home, askeing me to stay with him overnight, although, I lived not too far from him. He was always good to me and we hadn't seen one another in a while. He gave me gave me a change of clothes and underwear, for the next day, a pair of boxer shorts and tee shirt. Later that night when we got to his place, he gave me a pair baggy night pajamas. Now Halloween was over and It was time for me to get out of my cat leotard and tights. I wanted to sleep in them, but he gently put his arms around my leotard clad body, saying"Party's over, cat costume has to come off." I had a ***** now, when, he went to get me out of my leotard and tights. He said how cute I looked as a gray cat. He then escorted me to the large bathroom, had me standing on a white bath mat. it was hard to believe what was going to happen to me, He also had the baggy pajamas with him. We stood, looking at one another,as he began defrocking me. I had a full erection now, still enjoying the feel of gray leotard and tights,before he gets them off me. First, he plucked off my cat ears, then began washing away the painted whisker on my face. now he was tugging on the white stretch belt, holding my tail in place, he got the belt opened as now I began playfully resisting being ******** out of my costume. He was very gentle and took his time. I really liked having him get my leotard and tights off. I felt my gray tail drop to the floor with with the cat ears. Now I'm only still in gray leotard and tights. He noticed how my hard **** was getting wet and well outline in in gray. Then he slowly turned me around ,as I was trying to cover my full erection still snug in layers of Danskins. Now slowly he began slowly opening the long zipper in back my leotard, I just made a few boyish moans, feeling a chill on my exposed back.Once my leotard was unzipped, he turned me around, facing him again, unsnugging and pulling th gray leotard down and off me. The feel of his hands working between my legs and crotch area was so beautiful,even though I wanted to keep it on. As he slowly, yet firmly worked the clinging leotard off me, he kept whispering " Off leotard off!". I just kept playfully kicking my legs and feet, I really was enjoying, him getting me out of my Halloween cat leotard and tights. I was also thinking about the sexy costumed ladies, I had met at the party too. I'm down to just gray tights and silvered colored lycra briefs, my last layer under the tights. He then gave me a big hug and gave a few gentle swats on my behind, still encased in the tights. it was almost over for me now, my uncle will have me naked very soon. His hugs felt so good, then feeling his hands tugging at the waist bands of both the tights and silver colored lycra briefs, whispering "off, off, cat tights and undies off, all off!" Before I knew it, my whole *** was showing and my fully erect **** was unsnugged and standing at attention, as he peeled both tights and undies down my legs, then freed my kicking feet from those beautiful gray cat leotard and tights. once He finally got me naked, we gave each other more big hugs. Not long before I put on the baggy pajamas, we both released our energies. As we walked into the bed room, I looked down at my beautiful Halloween Cat leotard and tights , ears, tail and stretch belt on the bathroom floor. i loved wearing them and My uncle getting stripping me out of my cat leotard and tights. Happy Halloween!

Could you share with us the circumstances surrounding your encounter with this young lad, and what you guys did? :)

I live in Central Pa. It can become very cold here. I love the feeling of tights on my legs during the winter. I have even tried comfilan pantyhose for men.

i love wearing lycra or spandex when swimming. i am a competitive swimmer and i swam in hs and college. i lov the feel how tight they r. I hope i'm not the only guy that likes to wear tights.