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I think boys should all wear tights.  I wear them all the time and like the way they look and feel.  I have been wearing tights regularly since I was 13 when I tried on my sisters.  Hooked from then on and have quite a good collection of tights and leotards.  Boys just look good in tights.  That's another reason I am totally into ballet too.  It all adds to the EXPERIENCE.

PeterTights PeterTights
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4 Responses Feb 22, 2010

idem. me too. check out my posts and pics on the EP site "I like wearing tights" I hope to hear from you Tightsboy. x.d.

Simonjay, thanks for sharing ;) Could you please elaborate, say detail it in a story? It sounds too hot to overlook.

I think that any activity that adds to your sense of well-being, wholeness, and engagement with reality should be pursued vigorously, because it adds to your own longevity, ESPECIALLY if it does not hinder or get in the way of others. I have never, EVER heard of wearing tights as normal attire (in a normal way) hurting anybody, and in fact, do declare that anybody who ostracizes others who wear certain clothing IS harming others - in contrast to the individual wearing tights and so forth.

Could you tell us about the time when you came for the first time in tights?